Mata Damodari is listed as:

Some misled historians claim that Mata Damodari was the wife of Guru Hargobind. This distortion has arisen as a consequence that non-Sikhs recorded the Sikh history and many of the historians had their own agendas, world-views, perspectives and also mis-read information.

Mata Damodari daughter of Narain Das of village Talla. It is said that Ani Rai, Bibi Viro & Baba Gurditta were born to Mata Damodari. Gurdwara Daroli Bhai, Dist. Firozpur where the family of the Gurus wife Mata Damodari still live here and are custodians of some rare personal belongings of Guru Hargobind as well as a handwritten copy of Sri Guru Granth Sahib bearing the personal seal of Guru Gobind Singh.

Some says Guru Hargobind Ji was married to one wife, who was Mata Nanaki ji.

'eikaa naaree jatee hoe, par naaree dhee bhain vakhaanai.'
"Having  one women as wife he (the Sikh) is a celebate and considers any other's  
wife his daughter or a sister."
(Vaar 6, Bhai Gurdaas Ji, Contemporary and Maternal Uncle of Guru Arjan Dev ji)

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