MATA BAKHT KAUR,, also called Lakhmi or Lakkho, was the mother of Guru Amar Das (14791574). Mata Lakkho is the name mentioned by Kesar Singh Chibbar, Bansavalinama Dasan Patshahian Ka, Born in a Duggal Khatri family, she was married to Baba Tej Bhan of Basarke Gillan, a village 12 km south-west of Amritsar. Four sons were born to her, Guru Amar Das being the eldest. The other three were Ishar Das, Khem Rai and Manak Chand.

Relatives of Guru Amar Das

Parents : Tej Bhan ԇ Mata Lacchmi
Wife : Mata Mansa Devi
Siblings : Bhai Mohan ԇ Bhai Mohri ԇ Bibi Dani ԇ Bibi Bhani
GrandSons : Guru Arjan Dev
Son In Law : Guru Ram Das ԇ Bhai Rama
Grand Parents : Baba Hari ԇ Mata Milavi ԇ Bhai Dev Chand
Brothers : Ishar Das ԇ Khem Rai ԇ Manak Chand

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