Masorti Olami (also known as The World Council of Conservative/Masorti Synagogues) builds, renews and strengthens Jewish life throughout the world, with efforts that focus on existing and developing communities in Europe, Latin America, the Former Soviet Union, Africa, Asia and Australia. More than 135 kehillot (communities) are affiliated with Masorti Olami in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Uruguay, the United Kingdom and a more than 600 more in Canada and the United States of America. All of its activities are conducted within the context of the overall Conservative/Masorti movement, in close cooperation with its affiliated organizations in North America and Israel[1].

Masorti Olami’s mission is to advance the interests and principles of Masorti Judaism around the world by emphasizing: the study of Torah and the transmission of its principles from generation to generation; the unity of the Jewish people and fostering ties between Jews wherever they live; the centrality of the synagogue in the life of the Jewish people; the importance of maintaining a centrist, dynamic Jewish practice based on halacha and mitzvot, grounded in Jewish knowledge and observance, reflecting a love of tradition and embracing modernity and the positive aspects of change; the centrality of Israel and the knowledge and use of the Hebrew language in the life of the Jewish people; the values of egalitarianism, pluralism, tolerance and democracy in the development of Jewish tradition.

Masorti Europe and Masorti AMLAT (Latin America) are the regional organizations under the umbrella of Masorti Olami that serve the specific regions.

MAROM (Mercaz Ruchani ve Masorti) is a network for groups of Masorti young adults aged 18-30 that exists in more than 12 countries throughout Europe, Latin America and the FSU, which exists under the umbrella of Masorti Olami. MAROM operates meetings, festive holiday celebrations, and on the regional and national level also conferences, leadership training and seminars for future rabbis, educators and lay leaders.

NOAM (NOAr Masorti) is the Masorti youth movement which is active in Latin America, Europe and the FSU, also comes under the umbrella of Masorti Olami. Summer camps in the Camp Ramah style take place in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Masorti Olami also sends professional Masorti Shlichim (emissaries) from Israel to serve in Latin America, England and U.S.A, as well as volunteers to Australia, Spain, Prague, UK and Africa.

Masorti Olami partners with the International Rabbinical Assembly in its service to Latin American and European regions rabbis. Masorti rabbis serve more than 80 diverse kehillot in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Uganda, China, Japan and elsewhere. Masorti Olami also partners with the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary in Jerusalem in sponsoring and placing rabbinical students in France, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, and other locations.

Masorti Olami has representation in a number of national/international Jewish organizations, including the World Zionist Organization, Jewish Agency for Israel and Keren Kayemeth Le’Yisrael (JNF).

Masorti Olami’s international headquarters are in Jerusalem, with an office in New York City as well. The President of Masorti Olami is Alan H. Silberman, and Rabbi Tzvi Graetz serves as Executive Director.



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