Saint Mary Frances of the Five Wounds of Jesus
Born March 25, 1715, Naples
Died October 7, 1791
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Beatified 12 November, 1843 by Gregory XVI
Canonized 29 June, 1867 by Pius IX
Major shrine Santa Lucia del Monte, Naples
Feast October 6
Patronage Naples (co-patron); Gallo World Family Foundation

Saint Mary Frances of the Five Wounds of Jesus (Italian: Santa Maria Francesca delle Cinque Piaghe) (March 25, 1715 – October 7, 1791) was a member of the Third Order of St. Francis. She was born Anna Maria Gallo. A native of Naples, her family was of the middle class. When she was sixteen, her father attempted to force her into the family business; she refused and asked to join the Third Order. Through the intervention of a friar, permission to enter the order was granted by her father.

She entered the order in 1731. She is said to have received the wounds of the stigmata and suffered patiently many bodily afflictions and spiritual trials.


She was buried at Santa Lucia del Monte, at Naples. This church also contains the tomb of St. John Joseph of the Cross.

She was declared Venerable by Pius VII, on 18 May, 1803. She was beatified by Gregory XVI on 12 November, 1843. She was canonized by Pius IX on 29 June, 1867. Her feast day occurs on 6 October.

St. Mary Frances of the Five Wounds of Jesus is the patron saint of the Gallo World Family Foundation.

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