The Martyrdom of the Báb is an annual commemoration of the death of the Báb on 16 Rahmat (9 July) 1850. Most Bahais commemorate his martyrdom on this date. However, Bahais in the Middle East usually keep this commemoration on the Islamic calendar date of the Báb's execution, which is 28 Sha'aban (which falls, in 2005, on 2 October).

There are numerous accounts of the Báb's execution in the Persian fortress of Chihriq. The Persian authorities ordered his execution by firing squad. The Báb and a cellmate were tied to wall in the courtyard and shot by a large volley of musketry. It appears that the first volley severed the ropes that held the Báb and allowed him to escape for a while through the smoke. He was recaptured and shot.

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