Marshall Gauvin (1881 - 1978) was a notable author and speaker in the Freethought movement.

He was, along with such notables as Thomas Edison, Clarence Darrow, Mark Twain, Robert Ingersoll, Joseph McCabe, H. L. Mencken, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Margaret Sanger, a contributor to Truth Seeker, a publication devoted to Freethought. [1]

His collected writings are part of the collection of the University of Manitoba. [2] [3]. The description of the collection at the Directory of Special Collections of Research Value in Canadian Libraries states that "The collection is noted for its comprehensive holdings in free thought and rationalist literature." and " ...there is substantial material on atheism, biblical studies, science, oratory, early women's studies, and English literature and history."[4]

Further reading

  • Reasoning Otherwise: Leftists and the People's Enlightenment in Canada, 1890-1920. By Ian McKay. Toronto: Between the Lines, 2008.


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