Saint Marinus
Died 262, Caesarea, Palaestina
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church
Canonized Pre-congregation
Feast 3 March Roman Catholic

7 August Eastern Orthodox

Marinus of Caesarea was a Roman soldier, who, for being a Christian, suffered martyrdom.


A soldier in a Roman legion, Marinus was promoted to the position of centurion. Before he was able to assume the post, a rival claimed that before a centurion could accept the post, he was to offer a sacrifice to the emperor, according to ancient law. Marinus, who until that point was a secret Christian, professed his true faith, and explained that it prevented him from offering this sacrifice. Marinus was then given three hours to change his decision. He went to a local church to speak with the bishop, who went by the name of Theotecnus. After meditating on the Gospels, Marinus returned to the legion and refused to make the sacrifice. He was then executed[1].

After his death

The remains of Marinus were buried by a Roman senator, Asterius of Caesarea, who suffered martyrdom for this act.


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