Margawar, is a sub-district of Silvaneh located in the western part of the Urmia county, Iran. Its inhabitants are Kurds. There were also at one time some Assyrians who belonged to the Nochiya Tribe. This sub-district along with 2 others, in modern day Iran, lie in the eastern part of the Nochiya Region. According to Dr. Harry P. Packard of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church, the districts of Tergawar, Mergawar, and Dasht were destroyed by Turks and Kurds during the Assyrian Genocide in events that gave rise to the Assyrian war of independence.[1]

  1. Hannibal Travis, "Native Christians Massacred": The Ottoman Genocide of the Assyrians During World War I, 1.3 Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal 327, 331 (2006),

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