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His All-Holiness Marcus II Xylokaraves of Constantinople, also Mark II, was Patriarch of Constantinople for only a part of the year 1466 before he was deposed after being maliciously accused by his opponents.

Marcus was elected patriarch by a vote of the hierarchy and clergy of the patriarchate. He was well educated, but had malicious opponents who reached the Sultan with a bribe of a thousand florins to seat their candidate Symeon. This resulted in Patr. Marcus' humiliating deposition and anathematization on a charge of simony. [1] Later, during the patriarchate of Dionysius I, from 1467 to 1472, Marcus was exonerated by a council in Constantinople and appointed archbishop of Ochrid.


  1. [[1]] C. D. Cobham, The Patriarchs of Constantinople, Cambridge at the University Press, 1911, Introduction II, p75
Preceded by:
Joasaph I
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
Symeon I of Trebizond
Preceded by:
Archbishop of Ochrid
Succeeded by:


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