March is the third month of the Gregorian, Julian, and Revised Julian calendars. It is named after the Roman god Mars It has thirty-one days.


  • 01 (4/5 Ayyám-i-Há) — Last day of Ayyám-i-Há (Bahá'í)
  • 02 (1 Ala) — Beginning of the Fast of Ala (Bahá'í)
  • 13 — L. Ron Hubbard's Birthday (Scientologist)
  • 14 (1 Chet) — Nanakshahi New Year (Sikh)
  • 15 — Hōnen Matsuri (Shinto): Japanese fertility festival.
  • 15 (2 Chet) — Conquest of Delhi (Sikh)
  • 12 — Saint Gregory the Great's Day (Western Christian).
  • 17Saint Patrick's Day (Western Christian)
  • 19Saint Joseph of Nazareth's Day (Western Christian)
  • 19 (6 Chet) — Jotijot Guru Hargobind Sahib or Death of Guru Hargobind (Sikh)
  • 21 (1 Farvardin) — Nawruz, Persian or Kurdish New Year (Iranian, Kurdish and Fasli Zoroastrian)
  • 21 (1 Bahá) — Naw-Rúz or Bahá'í New Year (Bahá'í)
  • 25Annunciation or Lady Day (Western Christian and New Calendarist Eastern Christian)
  • 25 (12 Chet) — Shaheedi Bhai Subeg Singh, Bhai Shahbaz Singh (Sikh).

Preceded by: February

Followed by: April

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