Mar Shimun XXII. Paulus (1885 in Qudshanis - May 9 1920 in Baquba) was a Catholicos Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East.

After the murder of the Catholicos-Patriarch Mar Shimun XXI Benyamin, along with 150 of his followers by Simko (Ismail Agha Shikak), a Kurdish agha, Mar Shimun XXII Paulos was elected on 29 April 1918. He was ordained in St Mary's Church at Urmia by the Metropolitan Mar Eskhaq Khnanisho, Bishop Mar Eliya Abuna of Alqosh, Bishop Mar Yosip Khnanisho and Bishop Mar Zaya Sargis of Jilu.

On 20 August 1918, for fear of persecution from the Turks, Kurds and Iranians, the newly elected Catholicos-Patriarch fled with about 60,000 of his people from Urmia in Iraq seeking the protection of the British mandate. 15,000 of his followers died on the way. The survivors were in a camp in Baquba, about 50 kilometers north of Baghdad. Becoming very sick, Shimun XXII spent his short patriarchal days at Mor Mottai monastery belonging to the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch. He died on 27 April 1920 and buried on 9 May 1920 in the Armenian cemetery in Baghdad.

The episcopacy of the Autocephalous Assyrian Church of the East at this time consisted only of four bishops: Mar Yosip Khnanisho, Mar Zaya Sargis of Jilu, Mar Yalda Yahballaha of Barwar and Mar Abimalek Timothy (South India).

Mar Shimun XXII Paulos' successor was Mar Eshai Shimun XXIII.


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Preceded by
Mar Shimun XXI Benyamin
Catholicos-Patriarch of Babylon
Succeeded by
Mar Shimun XXIII Eshai

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