Sarhad Yawsip Jammo
Senior posting
See Eparchy of St. Peter The Apostle
Title Bishop of the Eparchy of St. Peter the Apostle
Period in office July 25, 2002—
Predecessor None
Successor (incumbent)
Religious career
Priestly ordination December 19, 1964
Previous bishoprics none
Previous post Priest
Date of birth March 14, 1941 (1941-03-14) (age 76)
Place of birth Baghdad, Iraq

Mar Sarhad Yawsip Hermiz Jammo is a prelate of the Chaldean Catholic Church who presides over the Eparchy of St. Peter The Apostle in the United States. He has been the bishop of this diocese since its inception on July 25th, 2002. His bishopric currently sits at St. Peter's Chaldean Catholic Cathederal in El Cajon, California. Mar Sarhad Jammo was born in Baghdad, Iraq on March 14th, 1941. He was ordained a priest on December 19, 1964. Following 38 years of faithful service to the priesthood he was elevated to the episcopacy by the then Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans, Mar Raphael I Bidawid. Upon his installment, his first post was to serve as bishop of the newly created eparchy, St. Peter the Apostle, which spans across nineteen states of the western US, and where he is today.


His Excellency attended the Chaldean Patriarchal Seminary in Mosul for formation and left to Rome at the age of 17. He attended the Pontifical Urbaniana University, where he earned a master's degree in both philosophy and theology. He then pursued doctoral studies at the Pontifical Oriental Institute, where he earned a Ph.D. in Eastern Ecclesiastical Studies. His dissertation was titled, "The Structure of the Chaldean Mass". Bishop Jammo conducted instructional work at several prestigious universities. He taught at the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome, the University of Notre Dame, and the Catholic University of America in Washington DC.

Pastoral Work

After finishing his studies in Rome, Bishop Jammo was appointed pastor of St. John the Baptist Parish in Baghdad, where he would serve from 1969 to 1974. At which time, he became the rector at the Chaldean Patriarchial Seminary in Mosul. In 1977, he was made associate pastor of Mother of God parish in Southfield, Michigan, where he would serve with Mar George Garmo. In 1983, he was appointed pastor of St. Joseph's Church in Troy, Michigan, in which capacity he would serve until his elevation to the episcopacy.

In 2002, Pope John Paul II created a second diocese for the Chaldean Church in the United States. The new diocese would divide the country between the east and west. Mar Sarhad Jammo would be given an apostolic seat to preside over the Eparchy of St. Peter the Apostle covering the western United States

Bishop Jammo has been a pioneer in ecclesiastical renewal and reconciliation. In 2006, the Chaldean Church received Vatican approval on a reform of the Liturgy of Addeus and Mari. The St. Peter Diocese has been the first to implement the reformed mass showing Bishop Jammo's passion and zeal for liturgical renewal.

Degrees and Publications

Episcopal lineage

Episcopal Lineage
Consecrated by: Mar Raphael I Bidawid
Date of consecration: July 21, 2002
Preceded by
Bishop of the Eparchy of St. Peter the Apostle
Succeeded by

Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo was Co-Consecrated By:

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