Template:Infobox ReligiousBio Mar Denha, also Mar Denha I was Patriarch of the Church of the East (sometimes referred to as the Nestorian church) from 1266 until his death in 1281, when he was replaced by Mar Yaballaha III. He had succeeded Mar Makkikha II.

Mar Denha I was the Patriarch in charge when Rabban Bar Sauma and his companion Rabban Markos arrived in Persia, on their pilgrimage from China towards Jerusalem. Mar Denha had his seat in Baghdad at that time, and requested the two monks to visit the court of Abaqa in order to obtain confirmation letters for Mar Denha's ordination as Patriarch. During their journey, Mar Denha appointed Rabban Markos as Bishop.

Later, Mar Denha charged the monks to return to China as his messengers. However, their departure was delayed due to armed conflict along the route. When Mar Denha died, Markos was elected as his successor.

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