Manjanikkara Dayara (Malayalam: മഞ്ഞനിക്കര ദയറ) is a monastery of the Syrian Orthodox Church. It is situated at the top of the hillock in Manjanikkara, near Omallur, Pathanamthitta District in South Kerala. This monastery was established by Mor Yulius Elias Qoro, Patriarchal delegate to Malankara. The Manjanikkara Dayro is the seat of the Patriarchal Delegate to Malankara and the metropolitan of the Simhasana churches (churches administered directly by the Patriarchate).


On February 11, 1932, at the invitation of Qashisho Kuriakos Elavinamannil, the Patriarch Ignatius Elias III arrived at the Manjinikkara Mor Stephanos church from Kallissery. On arriving at Manjinikkara, the Patriarch said, "This place offers us much comfort; we desire to remain here permanently."

He died there February 13.

Different opinions arose regarding the final resting place for the Patriarch—a situation that the church in Malankara never had to confront before. The decision was in favor of interring the mortal remains in a plot of land to the north of the Mor Stephanos church, the title deed of which was transferred to the Patriarchate. On February 14, the funeral services for the patriarch were held there.

The Mor Ignatios Dayro church was built by the Patriarchal delegate Mor Yulius Elias Qoro over the tomb of the late Patriarch. The memory of the Patriarch is preserved by the Syriac Orthodox Church and especially in Malankara where thousands of pilgrims reach the tomb by foot on the annual feast day, February 13, from various parts of the Kerala state. Elias is the only Patriarch of Antioch whose remains are interred in Malankara.

On October 20, 1987, Patriarch Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas through encyclical E265/87 permitted the Church in Malankara to remember his name in the fifth diptych.

The remains of late Mor Yulius Elias Qoro and Mor Yulius Yacoub, former Patriarchal delegates to Malankara are also interred in this church. Every year thousands of pilgrims come on foot to this pilgrim centre.

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