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</table> Mahdaviat (Persian: مهدويت) is a religious term in Twelver Shī‘ah Islam meaning "belief in and efforts to prepare for the Mahdi". Believing followers of any Mahdi claimant can be referred to as Mahdavi "Mahdi followers".


In Islamic eschatology, the Second Coming of Isa (Jesus) is preceded by the appearance of a figure known as the Mahdi or "rightly-guided one". Twelver Shī‘ah Muslims believe this person is the 12th Imam or Imām az-Zamān "Imam of the Time", who was hidden by God following the death of his father in 874 and will reappear as "the restorer of religion and justice who will rule before the end of the world".

According to Masoud Poursayed-Aghaie, head of the Bright Future Institute in Qom [{{fullurl:{{wikipedia:FULLPAGENAME}}}}#endnote_CS]:

Mahdaviat is a code for the revolution, and is the spirit of the revolution

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