The Maha Bodhi Temple marks the spot where the Buddha attained enlightenment. A Bodhi Tree is to the back of the temple and between the Bodhi Tree and the temple is the 'diamond throne' where the Buddha attained enlightenment. The temple is located in Bodh Gaya, India, coordinates: 24.6959° N, 84.9911° E

The Maha Bodhi temple may have originally been built by King Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE and rebuilt after warfare destruction in the 2nd century CE and subsequently repaired over the centuries up to the present time. The current structure was started around the 5th century CE and repaired and renovated at various times ever since. It is 52 meters high (171 feet). There are also gardens, lakes, and a 24 meter (80 feet) Buddha statue in Bodh Gaya.

It is reported that King Ashoka built 84,000 edicts, monuments, and stupas honoring his legacy and the Buddha's teachings. If it were not 84,000 it certainly would have been at least a large number. King Ashoka spent one full week just gazing at the Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya. Considering this, we can say with virtual certainty that the original Maha Bodhi Temple must have been built by King Ashoka. The design and placement of the original may be very similar so that we could credit Ashoka with the establishment of the Maha Bodhi Temple at about 250 BCE.

It is the holiest place in Buddhism, due to the fact that this is the place of enlightenment, the goal and purpose of the Dhamma.

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Current date and time in Bodh Gaya, India


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