An amazing new world is waiting for you. The world of peace and joy,– true knowledge,– divine light, pure love – eternal love, all you ever wanted. There you will discover many things newly, even yourself. Here an amazing new life is awaiting you.

MahaDharma -the religion of Human being (Humanity)

It is made by man and made for human welfare. That is MahaDharma which helpsto bloom the Mind. That which is free from any bad side like superstition, malice, hatred, cruelty, malpractice, and which do not gives us any false promise. That is true religion.

The main subject of the true religion is, that which directly helps to develop our mind, that which teaches the method of better living and that which helps and incite or insist to get true knowledge. Now, the new religion named MahaDharma is formed by some students and devotees of MahaManas alias MahaAnand.


MahaVad –the invaluable mine book of true spiritual knowledge. The veil of mysterious spiritual world has been uncovered in this extraordinary book (scripture). The real state of life and the great (God) life has been revealed here. The honest reply of eternal self-inquiry has been gotten after so long. Another great wealth of this book is– ‘Maha AtmaVikash Yoga’ –that is true self-development education, that which is a incomparable practical course of education for universal development of one’s own self, with the art of better living and Maha-Yoga treatments. Who am I – why am I, where I came from –what is the ultimate state of ‘I’ existence, how and why the great universe came into existence, how the creatures came into existence and what is the end of all–– ???? In reality, what is happened after death, what is the God’s own reality, is it possible to pay a visit of God, is God really become incarnated ––???? ––True answers of these questions are obtainable in ‘MahaVad’. Let us travel from ‘I’ to Supreme ‘I’ through the journey by the divine boat of MahaVad. MahaVad is a true spiritual science with spiritual psychology. MahaVad is a wonderful experience of inner truth and the way of a better life. MahaVad -the true-spiritual & great religious ‘ism’ & true self-developmental teachings of MahaManas –the great sage of the modern age.

The MahaDharma is formed on the base of 'MahaVad'. 'MahaVad' is a true spiritual and true self-developmental doctrine & teachings of MahaManas, that which helps to bloom our Mind and helps to get a better life.

MahaDharma' is a true fair and joyful religion that helps to bloom the Mind. MahaDharm is based on 'MahaVad' -the true-Spiritual and the true-Religious doctrine of the new age.

The epoch-making Religion– MahaDharma (briefly Mahaism) is our Religion. This new Religion chiefly consists with virtues and duties of human beings, not with any blind-faith and inhuman activities.

Our chief Religious duty is to belong to the true self-development education of 'MahaVad'. The bounden duty of human beings is our Religion. The main duty 'is to advance to be complete human being –to get true development of conscious mind. The continuous study of that is our Worship. 'Our Devotion to Human Welfare

Making us proper human being –Is the chief object of this New Religion 'MahaDharma'

True Spirituality & True Religion

‘Self-searching’ is the first word of the true spirituality. Who is I, why am I, from where I came and where to go, where is the beginning of the great universe and what is its goal?

True spirituality is not so-called spirituality. ‘Who am I’ –is the first step of the true Spiritual world and the goal is the –‘Oneness’. In this way –naturally you will meet with ghost and God, but they are not main things in this world. The main thing is ‘I’ –that is soul. Self-conscious –‘I’ aware part of us which thinks, feels and desires. It’s Mind! But not only our present Minds (Human conscious Mind and pre-human conscious Mind), the whole Mind is like a lotus; there are many parts and many stages of blooming.

That is true religion –which directly helps to bloom or develop our mind, that which teaches the method of better living and that which helps and incite or insist to get true knowledge.

True religion– MahaDharma, that which had been created for benefit of mankind, by a few higher spiritual conscious magnanimous persons, is still obsolete, –because absence of enough consciousness of us. That true religion, we may tell it a part of true spirituality.

Most of the people think that worshiping of God, prayer and religious activities are spirituality. Actually, spirituality or true-spirituality is different thing. And here is the necessity of a new religion, which will fit for the new age, that which will unveil of the truth, and will show the way of truth. We hope, MahaDharma –the religion of man, is coming to fulfill our expectation.

Spirituality –That, which is its own real form, is true spirituality. Here, the ‘true’ word would have been used unnecessary, if ‘spirituality’ would have been existed in its own reality.

The fundamental and real base of Spirituality is ‘I’, that is ‘Mind’. Supernatural spirit, ghost and God are far-off subjects. So in name of spirituality –those who are absorbed only in supernatural affairs, their condition is like– ‘to count one’s chickens before they are hatched’.

The complexity is created just then, when we stay in smoky– confused state. Also I was in this state in the past. Fortunately now I have been enlightened by ‘MahaVad’ –the great doctrine and teachings of the modern times taught by MahaAnand (MahaManas).

Human beings are created by God, religion is created by human being All creatures with human beings are created by God, but religion is created by human being. Because of lack of right knowledge about God, many persons think that their religion is made by God directly. If religions would have been made by God, then (so-called) God-made religions wouldn’t have been so different.

Those poetries and literatures, we don’t get a trace of which creators, so we cannot say those are made by God. To which we shall say true religion, and that what should be its form, all are described in ‘MahaVad’ (to know about MahaVad, please search through Google & Yahoo). Therefore it is my request, please read ‘MahaVad’ and be free from all hesitation and conflictions.

MahaDharma is not like other religions. The differences here are more pronounced than the similarities with other religions. Worship of God is not the object of the ‘MahaDharma’. MahaDharma is religion of human being. It is made by human being and made for human welfare. It is a natural function of human beings to be developed to proper human beings.

Though many persons think their religion is true religion, but most of all have no conception about ‘True religion’ and ‘True spirituality’.

To get a little conception about it, please visit our websites–

More about MahaDharma

MahaDharma is not like other religions. Worship of God is not object of this religion. The object of this religion is to make us proper human being. Development of mind and also blooming of consciousness is the fundamental tune of MahaDharma –and that is the natural quality of human beings.

In reality, MahaDharma is our natural–fundamental religion, that which we forgot so long. We –self-oblivious men, forgetting our aim of life, are living in an ecstatic state. By practicing that which religion with great devotion, one can become a proper human being, is MahaDharma.

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Aim of the life

Though mundane enjoyment of happiness is apparent aim of the life, but behind of that, there are working latent demands of self-search---search of truth and attainment of fullness. As a result of run forward for indomitable impulse of enjoyment of happiness, through acquiring knowledge and experience, gradually development of consciousness (self-development) is being happend.In this way, at the end of complete self-development ---attainment of oneness is the ultimate aim of the life.

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