For the daughter of Afonso, see Infanta Mafalda of Portugal.

Template:House of Burgundy Infanta Mafalda of Portugal (Portuguese pronunciation: [mɐˈfaɫdɐ]) was a Portuguese infanta (princess), later Queen consort of Castile for a brief period. She was the second youngest daughter of King Sancho I of Portugal and Dulce of Aragon. She was born c. 1190.

In 1215, Mafalda married Henry I of Castile. As he was very young, the marriage was not consummated, and it was dissolved in 1216.

After that she became a nun in Arouca and died in Rio Tinto (Amarante) on May 1, 1256.

On June 27, 1793 she was beatified.

Preceded by
Leonora of England
Queen Consort of Castile
Succeeded by
Beatriz of Swabia

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ca:Mafalda de Portugal i de Barcelonapt:Beata Mafalda de Portugal

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