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The Medina Phase of dawa is very different to the Makkan phase of dawa. In Makkah the basic concepts of tawhid are taught whereas in Medina the Hudud laws are introduced as is the permission to fight.

According to al-Bīrūnī (Chronology, pp. 35 [31]) the first ten years of Islam were commonly known as:

  • 1 AH (622 CE) – the year of the permission
  • 2 AH (623 CE) – the year of the order of fighting
  • 3 AH (624 CE) – the year of the trial
  • 4 AH (625 CE) – the year of the congratulation on the occasion of marriage
  • 5 AH (626 CE) – the year of the earthquake
  • 6 AH (627 CE) – the year of inquiring
  • 7 AH (628 CE) – the year of gaining victory
  • 8 AH (629 CE) – the year of equality
  • 9 AH (630 CE) – the year of exemption
  • 10 AH (631 CE) – the year of farewell

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