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The Macedonian Catholic Church, called the Macedonian Byzantine Catholic Church, is a Byzantine Rite sui juris Eastern Catholic Church in full union with the Roman Catholic Church which uses the Macedonian language in the liturgy.


The Church was established in 1918 when the creation of the Kingdom of the Yugoslavia, and the small number of Macedonians converted to Catholicism. The Exarchate was abolished in 1924. In 2001 after the Yugoslavia was dissolved, the Holy See re-established the Apostolic Exarchate of Macedonia. Although the number of faithful of the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church is still small - most being Albanians and other peoples of the former Yugoslavian republics, the Holy See has since 2001 appointed the Latin Bishops of Skopje to the Apostolic Exarchate of Macedonia. Currently, according to the Statistics from the Annuario Pontificio 2005, members of the Macedonian Eastern Catholic Church number about 11,400.[1]


  • Epifanio Scianow (1895-1924)
    • vacant (1924-2001)
  • Joakim Herbut (2001-2005)
  • Kiro Stojanov (2005-Present)


frp:Égllése grèca-catolica macèdoniènamk:Грко-католичка црква во Македонија

pt:Igreja Greco-Católica Macedônia ru:Македонская грекокатолическая церковь uk:Македонська греко-католицька церква