Macarius IV Tawil
Patriarch of Antioch
Church Melkite Greek Catholic Church
See Patriarch of Antioch
Enthroned 10 December 1813
Reign ended 15 December 1815
Predecessor Athanasius V Matar
Successor Ignatius V Qattan
Personal details
Died 15 December 1815

Macarius IV Tawil (or Taouil) was Patriarch of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church from 1813 to 1815.


Macarius Tawil was born in Damascus[1]:123. He entered in the religious order of the Basilian Salvatorians of which he was Superior from 1804 to 1807 and from 1810 to 1812[2]. He was consecrated bishop of Zahle and Forzol by patriarch Agapius II Matar[1]:85 in 1811.[3]

Macarius Tawil was elected patriarch by a synod of bishops held on 10 December 1813[4] at the Holy Saviour monastery, and he kept the name of Macarius . His election was contested, and it was still under review by the Roman Congregation of Propaganda Fide when Macarius IV Tawil died of pestilence on 15 December 1815[5].[6]


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