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Macarius I (Russian: Макарий I), born Mikhail Petrovich Bulgakov (Russian: Михаил Петрович Булгаков) (1816-1882), was the Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomna in 1879-1882 and member of many learned societies, including the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In 1841, he graduated from the Kiev Ecclesiastical Academy, of which he served as a dean in 1851-57. His popular student manuel, Orthodox Dogmatic Theology, steeped in the Latin methodology, was originally printed in 6 volumes in 1847-53. In 1866 Macarius started the publication of his landmark History of the Russian Church, for which he is best remembered. The 12th volume of his magnum opus, covering the patriarchate of Nikon, was released posthumously. Macarius' work still has no rivals in its scope. It is particularly valuable for many obscure sources that Macarius brought to light for the first time.

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