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Ma'ale Iron

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Ma'ale Iron
The Arab village of Musmus
District Haifa
Government Local council (from 1996)
Hebrew מעלה עירון
Also spelled Jabal 'Ara (officially)
Population 12,100 (2005)
Founded in 1996
Coordinates 32°32′53.57″N 35°11′51.28″E / 32.5482139°N 35.1975778°E / 32.5482139; 35.1975778Coordinates: 32°32′53.57″N 35°11′51.28″E / 32.5482139°N 35.1975778°E / 32.5482139; 35.1975778

Ma'ale Iron (Hebrew: מעלה עירון‎, lit. Iron Heights) is an Israeli-Arab local council in Israel's Haifa District and is a part of the Wadi Ara region adjacent to the Triangle. The town consists of the five Arab villages of Baiada, Musmus, Salim, Musheirifa and Zalafa. The villages were joined together by the Interior Ministry of Israel to form the local council.[1] According to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, Ma'ale Iron had a population of 12,100 inhabitants in 2005,[2] mostly Muslims.[1]

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Coordinates: 32°32′53.57″N 35°11′51.28″E / 32.5482139°N 35.1975778°E / 32.5482139; 35.1975778

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