Ludovico Micara[1] (October 12, 1775 - May 24, 1847) was an Italian Capuchin and Cardinal. He was born at Frascati. Ordained in 1798, he became Dean of the College of Cardinals.

He was in hiding for the end of the Napoleonic Wars period. He became Apostolic Preacher in 1820. He was created cardinal in 1824.

He became Bishop of Frascati in 1837 and Bishop of Ostia in 1844.


  1. Lodovico Micara, Ludovico da Frascati.

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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Emmanuele de Gregorio
Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati
Succeeded by
Mario Mattei
Preceded by
Bartolomeo Pacca
Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia
Succeeded by
Vincenzo Macchi
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