Longpont Abbey (Abbaye Notre-Dame de Longpont) was a Cistercian monastery, in present-day Longpont, Aisne, France.

It existed from 1131 to 1793, being founded by monks from the abbey of Clairvaux[1], at the behest of Jocelin of Soissons. There is now a hotel on the site. The original buildings suffered war damage in 1918[2].

Its monks included Petrus Cantor and John de Montmirail[3].


  • Poquet, Monographie de l'abbaye de Longpont (Paris: 1869)


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Coordinates: 49°16′23″N 3°13′16″E / 49.273°N 3.221°E / 49.273; 3.221

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