The largest Protestant church networks or denominations in the world possibly are:

List of Churches with size

  1. Evangelical Church in Germany (Germany, about 26,000,000)
  2. Eglise du Christ au Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo, about 25,000,000)
  3. Church of England [1] (about 25,000,000)
  4. Church of Nigeria (about 18,000,000)
  5. Southern Baptist Convention (USA alone, 16,300,000)
  6. Seventh-day Adventist Church (about 14,300,000)
  7. United Methodist Church (about 12,000,000)
  8. Church of Uganda (8,700,000)
  9. Assembleias de Deus (Brazil, about 8,500,000)
  10. Church of Sweden (6,900,000)
  11. Church of God in Christ (USA 5,500,000) [2]
  12. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (USA 4,780,000)
  13. Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (Ethiopia, at least 4700000)
  14. Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (Finland 4,360,000)
  15. Anglican Church of Australia (3,903,324)
  16. Church of Norway (Evangelical Lutheran 3,850,000)
  17. Church of South India (3,800,000)

Alphabetical list of other major churches

  1. Church of Denmark (Denmark)
  2. Kale Heywet (Ethiopia)
  3. Kimbanguist Church (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  4. Three-Self Patriotic Movement (China)

It should be remembered that the Anglican Communion, technically Protestant, has over 73 million members. This includes Churches (such as the Church of England, Church of Nigeria and the Anglican Church of Australia) already in the list.


  1. The Church of England has a nominal membership of nearly 25 million members, but about only 2 million members enrolled and with regular attendance in the local parishes.
  2. The 2004 Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches cites a membership figure of 5,499,875 members for the Church of God in Christ. This figure is from 1991, and has not been changed or updated for many years. Experts believe the organization has less than 5 million members today. Unlike most other denominations on this list, the national membership figures for this group come only from organizational reporting and HAVE NOT BEEN verified or correlated with self-identification survey data or Glenmary county-by-county data. Note that in the 2001 ARIS study (sample size: 50,000 people), 944,000 adults identified their religion as "Church of God"; most of these were probably referring to the "Church of God" denomination based in Cleveland, Tenn. or the "Church of God" denomination based in Anderson, Indiana, rather than to the "Church of God in Christ." The same ARIS survey also estimated a total of 4,407,000 adults who identified their religion as Pentecostal or Charismatic, which is the category that Church of God of Christ members would be most expected to be classified under. But this grouping includes all Pentecostal denominations, not just the Church of God in Christ.

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