This is an incomplete list of Christian saints in alphabetical order by Christian name, but if necessary by surname, the place or attribute part of name as well.

There are more than 10,000 Roman Catholic saints. Among the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Communions, the numbers may be even higher, since there is no fixed process of "canonization" and each individual jurisdiction within the two Orthodox communions independently maintains parallel lists of saints that have only partial overlap.

Note that the Anglican Communion have only ever canonised one saint--King Charles I of England (see Society of King Charles the Martyr). However, it recognises pre-Reformation saints, as does the United Methodist Church. Persons who have led lives of celebrated sanctity or missionary zeal are included in the Calendar of the Prayer Book "without thereby enrolling or commending such persons as saints of the Church". Similarly, any individuals commemorated in the Lutheran calendar of saints will be listed as well.

Wikipedia contains a calendar of saints listed by the day of the year on which they are traditionally venerated, as well as a Chronological list of saints and blesseds, listed by their date of death.

Christian saints since 450 A.D.



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Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Aaron of Aleth552   Yes
AbanoubUnknown Yes  
Abban of Magheranoidhec. 570   Yes
Abban of New Ross7th century    
Abban the Hermit5th century   Yes
Abbo of Fleury1004   Yes
Abdas of Susa5th century    
Abel of Reims764    
Abo of Tiflis786  Yes 
Abraham of Rostov1073-1077  Yes 
Abraham of Smolensk1222?  Yes 
Abraham the Syrian978? Yes  
Abuna Aregawi6th century    
Acacius of AmidaUnknown   Yes
Acca of Hexham742?Yes  Yes
Achilleus Kewanuka1886    
Adalbert of Prague997   Yes
Adalgar909   Yes
Adalgott1165   Yes
Adamo Abate1060 to 1070   Yes
Adelaide of Italy999   Yes
Adelaide, Abbess of Vilich1015   Yes
Adelin (Adelhelm) of Séezc910   Yes
Adeodatus I618  YesYes
Adomnán704   Yes
Adrian III885   Yes
Afan6th centuryYes YesYes
Agapitus I536  YesYes
Agapetus of Pechersk11th century  Yes 
Agatho681  YesYes
Agnes of Assisi1253Yes YesYes
Agnes of Bohemia1282   Yes
Aidan of Lindisfarne651Yes YesYes
Alberic1108   Yes
Alberic of Utrecht784   Yes
Alberto Hurtado1952   Yes
Albertus Magnus1280   Yes
Aldaca. 1309   Yes
Alcuin804Yes YesYes
Tsaritsa Alexandra|Alexandra of Russia1918  Yes 
Alexei of Russia1918  Yes 
Alexis Falconieri1310   Yes
Alexis of Wilkes-Barre1909  Yes 
Alfred the Great899Yes YesYes
Alice1622   Yes
Alypius the Stylite640Yes YesYes
Alipy of the Caves11-12th centuries  Yes 
Aloysius Gonzaga1591   Yes
Alphege1012Yes YesYes
Alphonsa Muttathupandathu1946   Yes
Amand675   Yes
Amphilochius of Pochayiv1971  Yes 
Grand Duchess Anastasia|Anastasia of Russia1918  Yes 
Anastasius Sinaitapost 700 YesYes
Andrei the Iconographerca. 1430  Yes 
Andrew Bobola1657   Yes
Andrew of Constantinople936  Yes 
Andrew of Crete8th century  YesYes
Andrew Dung-Lac1839   Yes
Angela Merici1540   Yes
AnnaUnknown  Yes 
Anne Line1601   Yes
Anselm of Canterbury1109Yes  Yes
Ansgar865Yes YesYes
Anthony of Kiev1073  Yes 
Anthony of Padua1231   Yes
Anthony Galvão1822   Yes
Anthony Mary Claret1870   Yes
Antoine Daniel1648   Yes
Arnold Janssen1909   Yes
Augustine of Canterbury604Yes YesYes
Avitus of Vienne523   Yes

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Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Baldred of Tyninghame757Yes  Yes
Barbatus of Benevento682  YesYes
Basil the Fool for Christ1552 or 1557  Yes 
Basil of Ostrog1671  Yes 
Beatrix d'Este1262   Yes
The Venerable Bede735Yes YesYes
Benedetta Cambiagio Frassinello1858   Yes
Benedict of Aniane747  YesYes
Benedict of Nursia543Yes YesYes
Benedict of Jesus1934   Yes
Benedict II685  YesYes
Benedict the Moor1589   Yes
Benedict Joseph Labre1783   Yes
Berlinda of Meerbeke702   Yes
Bernadette Soubirous1879   Yes
Bernard of Clairvaux1153Yes  Yes
Bernard Due Van Vo1838   Yes
Bernard of Menthon1008   Yes
Bernardo Tolomei1348   Yes
Bernardino of Siena1444   Yes
Birinus649Yes YesYes
Bonaventure of Bagnoregio1274   Yes
Boniface754Yes YesYes
Boniface IV608  YesYes
Boris I2 May, 907  Yes 
Saint Botolph680Yes  Yes
Brendan of Birrca. 573  YesYes
Brendan the Navigatorca. 578  YesYes
Bridget of Sweden1373Yes4  Yes
Brigid of Kildare525Yes4 YesYes
Brioc6th century   Yes
Bruno of Cologne1101   Yes
Bruno of Querfurt1009  YesYes
Bruno of Segni1123   Yes
Budoc of Dol7th Cent.Yes  Yes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Caesarius of Arles542   Yes
Cajetan1547   Yes
Camillus de Lellis1614   Yes
Canute IV of Denmark1086   Yes
Casimir1484   Yes
Cataldca. 8th Cent.   Yes
Catherine of Bologna1463   Yes
Catherine of Genoa1510   Yes
Catherine Laboureca. 1806   Yes
Catherine of Ricci1590   Yes
Catherine of Siena1380Yes  Yes
Catherine of Vadstena1381   Yes
Cedd664Yes  Yes
Celestine V1296   Yes
Cettin[1]5th Cent.   Yes
Chad of Mercia672Yes YesYes
Charbel1898   Yes
Charles I of England1649Yes   
Charles of Mount Argus1893   Yes
Christopherc. 251  YesYes
Christina the Astonishing1224   Yes
Ciarán of Clonmacnoise546Yes  Yes
Ciarán of Saighirc. 530   Yes
Clare of Assisi1253Yes  Yes
Clare of Montefalco1308   Yes
Claudus Corrius II1253Yes  Yes
Clement of OhridJuly 17, 960  Yes 
Clodoaldc. 560   Yes
Clotilde545   Yes
Colette1447   Yes
Columbanus615  YesYes
Comgall597 or 602Yes  Yes
Congar520Yes  Yes
Conrad of Parzham1894   Yes
Conrad of Piacenza1351   Yes
Constantine of Murom1129  Yes 
Cosmas of Maiuma8th Cent. YesYes 
Cristóbal Magallanes Jara1927   Yes
Cunigunde of Luxemburg1033   Yes
Cuthbert of Lindisfarne687Yes YesYes
Cuthbert Mayne1577   Yes
Cynllo6th Cent.Yes  Yes
Cyriacus the Anchorite557  Yes 
Cyril, teacher of the Slavs869Yes YesYes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
King Dagobert II|Dagobert679   Yes
Damien of Molokai18 April 1889   Yes
Daniel Comboni1881   Yes
Danilo II14th Cent.  Yes 
David (Dewi) of Walesca. 589Yes YesYes
David Lewis1679   Yes
Declan5th Cent.  YesYes
Desiderius of Fontenellec. 700   Yes
Desiderius of Vienne607   Yes
Deusdedit of Canterbury664Yes  Yes
Didier (Desiderius) of Cahors655   Yes
Dietrich Bonhoeffer1945Yes   
Dimitry of Rostov1709  Yes 
Saint Doherty579  YesYes
Dominic de Guzman1221Yes  Yes
Dominic de la Calzada1109   Yes
Dominic Loricatus1060   Yes
Dominic Savio1857   Yes
Dorotheus of Gaza6-7th century  YesYes
Douai Martyrsca. 1568-1668   Yes
Drogo of Sebourg1105   Yes
Dunstan988Yes YesYes
Dymphna7th Cent.  YesYes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Eanflæd704   Yes
Edburga of Bicester7th Cent.  YesYes
Edburga of Minster-in-Thanet8th century   Yes
Edith Stein1942   Yes
Editha10th centuryYes  Yes
Edmund Arrowsmith1628   Yes
Edmund Campion1581   Yes
Edmund of East Anglia869Yes YesYes
Edward the Confessor1066Yes YesYes
Edward the Martyr978 or 979Yes YesYes
Egbert of Northumbria729Yes YesYes
Eligius659 or 660  YesYes
Elisabeth of Hungary1231Yes  Yes
Elizabeth of Portugal1336   Yes
Elizabeth of Russia1918  Yes 
Elizabeth Ann Seton1821   Yes
Emeric of Hungary1031   Yes
Emma of Lesum1308   Yes
Emma of Ludger1050  YesYes
Emmeram of Regensburg652   Yes
Enda of Aran530   Yes
Engelbert of Cologne1225   Yes
Erbin5th century   Yes
Erentrude710   Yes
Ermengol1035   Yes
Ermenilda of Ely700 or 703   Yes
Ethelbert of Kent616  YesYes
Etheldreda of Ely679Yes YesYes
Ettore of Worship682Yes YesYes
Eugene I657 YesYesYes
Eugene de Mazenod1861   Yes
Eulogius of Alexandria608  YesYes
Eulogius of Córdoba859   Yes
Euphrosyne of Polatsk1173  YesYes
Eustochia Smeralda Calafato1485   Yes
Euthymius the Great473  YesYes
Eysteinn Erlendsson1188   Yes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Fachananc. 600   Yes
Faro675   Yes
Faustina1938   Yes
Feichinca. 660Yes  Yes
Felix III492  YesYes
Felix IV530  YesYes
Ferdinand III of Castile1252   Yes
Ferréol of Uzès581  YesYes
Fiacre670?   Yes
Fidelis of Sigmarengen1622   Yes
FilanUnknownYes  Yes
Florentinaca. 612   Yes
Franca Visalta1218   Yes
Frances Cabrini1917   Yes
Frances of Rome1440   Yes
Francis of Assisi1226Yes  Yes
Francis Caracciolo1608   Yes
Francis of Paola1507   Yes
Francis de Sales1622Yes  Yes
Francis Xavier1552Yes4  Yes
Frei Galvão1822   Yes
Frideswidec. 735YesYesYesYes
Fructuosus of Braga665   Yes
Fulgentius of Écija7th century   Yes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Gaetano Errico1860   Yes
Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows1862   Yes
Gal I, Bishop of Clermontc. 553   Yes
Gallca. 646  YesYes
Gaspar del Bufalo1837   Yes
Gaudentius of Ossero1044  YesYes
Gelasius I492 YesYesYes
Gelert7th centuryYes  Yes
Gemma Galgani1903   Yes
Genesius of Clermontca. 662   Yes
Genevieve512   Yes
George Preca1962   Yes
Gerasimus of Jordan5th century  YesYes
Gerard of Lunel1298   Yes
Gianna Beretta Molla1962   Yes
Ghislain680   Yes
Saint Gibrian640   Yes
Saint Gilbert of Sempringham1083   Yes
Gilbert de Moravia1245   Yes
Gilbert of Meaux1015   Yes
Giovanni da Capistrano1456   Yes
Goar of Aquitaine6 July 649   Yes
Godric of Finchale1170   Yes
Gonsalo Garcia1597   Yes
Godehard (Gotthard) of Hildesheim1038  YesYes
Gratus of Aostaca. 470   Yes
Gregorio Barbarigo1697   Yes
Gregory Palamas1359  YesYes6
Gregory of Tours594 YesYesYes
Gregory I604Yes YesYes
Gregory II731  YesYes
Gregory III741  YesYes
Gregory VII1085   Yes
Grellan5th Cent.   Yes
Guinefort the Dog1300   Yes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Hallvard1043   Yes
Hedwig of Andechs1243   Yes
Helena of Skövde1160(?)   Yes
Helier555Yes YesYes
Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor1024   Yes
Herman of Valaam10-15th century  Yes 
Herman of Alaska1837  Yes 
Hervé556   Yes
Hilarius468 YesYesYes
Hilda of Whitby680Yes YesYes
Hildebrand1085   Yes
Hildegard of Bingen1179Yes  Yes
Hormisdas523 YesYesYes
Hubertus727  YesYes
Hugh of Lincoln1200Yes  Yes
Hyacintha Mariscotti1640   Yes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Ignatius Loyola1556Yes4  Yes
Blessed Inez de Beniganim1625-92   Yes
Innocent of Alaska1879  Yes 
Innocencio of Mary Immaculate1934   Yes
Ignatius of Laconi1781   Yes
Irene of Lesvos1463  Yes 
Isaac Jogues1646 YesYesYes
Isaac of Nineveh700  Yes
Isabel of France1270   Yes
Isfrid of Ratzeburg1204   Yes
Isidore of Seville636   Yes
Isidore the Laborer1130   Yes
Ita570  YesYes
Italo470-540   Yes
Ivo of Kermartin1303   Yes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Jacobo Kyushei Tomonaga1633   Yes
Jadwiga of Poland1399   Yes
James of the Marches1476   Yes
Jean Vianney1859   Yes
Jean de Brebeuf1649   Yes
Joan of Arc1431   Yes
Joaquina Vedruna de Mas1854   Yes
Job of Pochayiv1651  Yes 
John I526  YesYes
John Baptist de La Salle1719   Yes
John Bosco1888   Yes
John Cantius1473   Yes
John Climacus606 YesYesYes
John of the Cross1591Yes  Yes
John of Damascus749Yes4YesYesYes
John Fisher1535   Yes
John Macias1645   Yes
John Maron707   Yes
John of Matha1213   Yes
John of Nepomuk1393   Yes
John Neumann1860   Yes
John Ogilvie1615   Yes
John Rigby1600   Yes
John of Shanghai and San Francisco1966  Yes 
John of Tobolsk1715  Yes 
Josaphat Kuntsevych1623   Yes
Josemaría Escrivá1975   Yes
Józef Bilczewski1923   Yes
Joseph Freinademetz1908   Yes
Joseph of Cupertino1663   Yes
Joseph Marchand1835   Yes
Joseph Pignatelli1811   Yes
Josephine Bakhita1947   Yes
Josse (Judoc)ca 668Yes  Yes
Juan Diego1548   Yes
Judoc (Josse)ca 668Yes  Yes
Juliana of Lazarevo1604  Yes 
Julian of Norwichca. 1416Yes  Yes
Juliana Falconieri1270   Yes
Juliana of Cornillon1193   Yes
Julie Billiart1816   Yes
Justin de Jacobis1800   Yes
Jutta of Kulmsee1260   Yes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Kassia867  Yes 
Katharine Drexel1955   Yes
Keaearly 6th centuryYes  Yes
Kessog520Yes  Yes
Kevin of Glendalough618YesYesYesYes
Kinga of Poland1292   Yes
Kirill of Beloozero1427  Yes 


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Ladislaus of Hungary1095   Yes
Lambert of Maastricht700   Yes
Laura of Cordoba864   Yes
Laurent-Marie-Joseph Imbert1818   Yes
Lazar of Serbia1389  Yes 
Leander of Seville600 or 601   Yes
Leo the Great461Yes YesYes
Leo II683  YesYes
Leo III816  YesYes
Leo IV855  YesYes
Leo IX1054   Yes
Leodegar of Autun679  YesYes
Leopold Mandic1942   Yes
Liam of Camberwell1235   Yes
Lidwina of Schiedam1433   Yes
Livinus of Ghent657   Yes
Lorcán Ua Tuathail1180   Yes
Lorenzo Ruiz1637   Yes
Louis1270   Yes
Louise de Marillac1660   Yes
Lucy Yi Zhenmei1862   Yes
Lucy of Syracuse304Yes YesYes
Ludolph of Ratzeburg1250   Yes
Lupus of Sens623   Yes
Lutgardis1246   Yes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Machar6th Cent.?Yes  Yes
Magdalen of Canossa1835   Yes
Magdalene of Nagasaki   Yes
Malachy1148   Yes
Malo621   Yes
Marcellin Champagnat1840   Yes
Marcouf588   Yes
Margaret the Barefooted1395   Yes
Margaret Clitherow1586   Yes
Margaret of Cortona1297   Yes
Margaret of Hungary1271Yes  Yes
Margaret of Scotland (Queen)1093Yes  Yes
Margaret Ward1588   Yes
Marguerite D'Youville1771   Yes
Marguerite Marie Alacoque1690   Yes
Maria Bernarda Bütler1924   Yes
Maria Crocifissa di Rosa1855   Yes
Maria Goretti1902   Yes
Maria Domenica Mazzarello1881   Yes
Tsarevna Maria Romanov1918  Yes 
Marianita de Jésus1645   Yes
Marie-Eugénie de Jésus1898   Yes
Mark of Ephesus1444  Yes 
Martin de Porres1639   Yes
Martin I655 YesYesYes
Maurontius of Douaic.700   Yes
Martyr Saints of China1648–1930   Yes
Martyrs of Thailand1940   Yes
Mary of the Gael525  YesYes
Matthew I of Alexandria1408 Yes  
Maximillian Kolbe1941Yes  Yes
Maximus of Turin465  YesYes
Maximus the Confessor662  YesYes
Maximus the Greek1556  Yes 
Methodius equal to the Apostles, teacher of the Slavs885Yes YesYes
Michael Dinh-Hy Ho1857   Yes
Michael de Sanctis1625   Yes
Miguel Febres Cordero1910   Yes
Milburga of Wenlock715Yes YesYes
Mother Maria1945 YesYes 


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Narcisa de Jesus Martillo Moran1869   Yes
Naum of PreslavDecember 23, 910  Yes 
Nectan of Hartlandc. 510Yes  Yes
Neotca. 870  YesYes
Nicephorus of Constantinople828  Yes Yes
Nicholas I867 YesYesYes
Nicholas of Flüe1487   yes
Nicholas of Japan1912  Yes 
Nicholas of Lesvos1463  Yes 
Tsar Nicholas II1918  Yes 
Nikola Tavelić1391   Yes
Nikolai of Žiča1956  Yes 
Nil Sorsky1508  Yes 
Nilus the Younger1005  YesYes
Nimattullah Kassab Al-Hardini1858   Yes
Noël Chabanel1649   Yes
Norbert of Xanten1134   Yes
Nothelm of Canterbury739Yes YesYes
Nuno de Santa Maria Álvares Pereira1431   Yes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Odile720  YesYes
Odo of Cluny942  YesYes
Olaf II of Norway1030   Yes
Grand Duchess Olga1918  Yes 
Opportuna of Montreuil770   Yes
Oswald of Northumbria642Yes YesYes
Osyth653  YesYes
Ouen (Dado)686  YesYes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Paraskeva the Younger11th Cent.  Yes 
Paschal I824  YesYes
Paschal Baylon1592   Yes
Paul I767  YesYes
Paul Chong Hasang1839   Yes
Paul Miki1597   Yes
Paul of the Cross1775   Yes
Paulina of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus1942   Yes
Paulinus of York584Yes YesYes
Pavel of Taganrog1879  Yes 
Peregrine Laziosi1345   Yes
Peter the Aleutca. 1815  Yes 
Peter Canisius1597   Yes
Peter Chanel1841   Yes
Peter Claver1654   Yes
Peter Julian Eymard1868   Yes
Petroc564Yes Yes 
Petrus Canisius1597   Yes
Philip of Agiraca. 5th Cent.  YesYes
Philip Benizi de Damiani1285   Yes
Philothei1589  Yes 
Photios of Constantinople893  Yes 
Pierre Borie1838   Yes
Pio of Pietrelcina1968   Yes
Piran6th Cent.  YesYes
Saint Pituas19th Cent.   Yes
Pius V1572   Yes
Pius X1914   Yes
Praejectus676  YesYes
Prætextatus (Bishop of Rouen)586   Yes
Pyr6th Cent.   Yes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Quinidius579   Yes
Quintianc.525   Yes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Rabanus Maurus856   Yes
Racho of Autunc.660   Yes
Radegund586Yes  Yes
Rafael Guizar Valencia1938   Yes
Raineriusc.1160   Yes
Raphael of Lesvos1463  Yes 
Rafqa Pietra Choboq Ar-Rayès1914   Yes
Raphael Kalinowski1907   Yes
Raphael of Brooklyn1915  Yes 
Remigius of Reims (or Remy, Remi)533  YesYes
Remigius of Rouen771   Yes
René Goupil1642   Yes
Richard of Chichester1253Yes  Yes
Rictrude688   Yes
Rimbert of Turholt888   Yes
Rita of Cascia1457   Yes
Robert Bellarmine1621   Yes
Roch1376Yes  Yes
Rognvald Kali Kolsson1158   Yes
Romuald1027  YesYes
Roque González de Santa Cruz   Yes
Rosalia1166   Yes
Rose of Lima1617   Yes
Rose Venerini1728   Yes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Sabbas the Sanctified531/532  YesYes
Sadalberga665   Yes
Saethryth7th century  Yes
Salonius5th century   Yes
Salviusc.580   Yes
Samson of Dol6th century   Yes
Sava of Serbia1236 YesYes 
Scholastica543  YesYes
Seaxburh of Elyc. 699   Yes
Selaphiel the Angel  Yes 
Seraphina1253  Yes 
Seraphim of Sarov1833  Yes 
Sergius I701 YesYesYes
Sergius of Valaam10-14th century  Yes 
Sergius of Radonezh1392  Yes 
Severinus of Noricum482   Yes
Sharbel Makhluf1898   Yes
Silverius537 YesYesYes
Simeon Mirotocivi1199  Yes 
Simeon Stylites459 YesYesYes
Simon the Tannerlate 10th Century Yes  
Simplicius483  YesYes
Sophronius638  Yes 
Stephen of Hungary1038  Yes (from 2000)Yes
Stephen of Piperi1697  Yes 
Stylianos of Paphlagoniaca. 6th or 7th Cent.  Yes 
Swithun of Winchester862Yes YesYes
Symeon Metaphrastes10th Cent.? YesYes 
Symeon the New Theologian1022  Yes 
Symmachus514 YesYesYes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Tekle Haymanotca. 1313 Yes  
Tarasios of Constantinople806  YesYes
Tatiana of Russia1918  Yes 
Teresa of Avila1582Yes  Yes
Teresa de los Andes1920   Yes
Théodore Guérin1856   Yes
Theodore Romzha1947   Yes
Theodore the Studite826 Yes;YesYes
Theodosius of Kiev11th Cent.  Yes 
Theophan the Recluse1894  Yes 
Theophanes the Confessor810s  YesYes
Therese1897   Yes
Thomas Aquinas1274Yes  Yes
Thomas Becket1170Yes  Yes
Thomas More1535Yes4  Yes
Tikhon of Moscow1925  Yes 
Tikhon of Zadonsk1783  Yes 
Turibius of Mongrovejo1606   Yes
Tydfilca. 480Yes  Yes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Ubald1160   Yes
Ulrich of Augsburg973  YesYes
Urbiciusc. 805   Yes
Ursicinus of Saint-Ursanne625   Yes
Ursmar713   Yes
Ursula Ledóchowska1939   Yes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Varghese Palakkappillil5 October 1929   Yes
Varvara Yakovleva1918  Yes7 
Venantius Fortunatusc.600 or 609   Yes
Veranus of Cavaillon (Véran)590   Yes
Veronica of Milan13 January 1497   Yes
Vicelinus1154   Yes
Vicente Liem de la Paz1773   Yes
Vincent Ferrer1419   Yes
Vincent de Paul1660Yes  Yes
Vergilius of Salzburg784   Yes
Virginia Centurione Bracelli1651   Yes
Vitalian672  YesYes
Vietnamese Martyrsfrom 1533 to present   Yes
Vitalis of Assisi1370   Yes
Vitonus525   Yes
Vladimir of Kiev1015Yes YesYes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Waningus683   Yes
Wenceslaus 935    Yes
Werburgh699  YesYes
Wiborada926   Yes
Wilfrid of Ripon709Yes YesYes
Willehad of Bremen789yes  Yes
William of Perth1201   Yes
William of York1154   Yes
Wolfeiusca. 11th Cent.YesYesYesYes
Wolfgang of Regensburg994  YesYes
Wolfhelm of Brauweiler1091   Yes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Xenia the Righteous of Rome5th century  Yes 
Xenia of Saint Petersburgca. 1803  Yes7 
Xenophon of Robika1262  Yes 


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Yaropolk Izyaslavich1087  Yes 
Yegor Chekryakovsky1928  Yes 
Yrieix591  YesYes


Saint Date of death Anglican Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic
Zachary752  YesYes
Zdislava Berka1252   Yes
Zita1272   Yes
Zofia Szydłowiecka1551   Yes
Zosimas of Palestine560 YesYes 
Zygmunt Gorazdowski1920   Yes



1 The saint has been removed from the Roman Catholic calendar of saints due to a lack of historical evidence. Removal is not automatically a judgement about the existence of the saint in question, and is also not equivalent with "de-canonization", it only means that the saint no longer has an official 'feast' day.
2 St. George is specifically mentioned in the English Book of Common Prayer from 1662, and Common Worship of 2000. However, other Anglican churches have since removed reference to him, or never included him in the past.
3 The Anglican feast is "Michael and All Angels".
4 Common Worship has "Commemoration".
5 Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church only, based on a local tradition of his conversion and martyrdom.
6 Eastern Rite Catholic Churches only.
7 Russian Orthodox Church only.

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