This is a list of the Presiding Bishops of the Episcopal Church, USA. Initially the presiding bishop was the senior bishop in order of consecration. Starting in 1926, the office became elective, the presiding bishop being chosen at General Convention by vote by all bishops, and approved by the House of Deputies. The office now has a nine-year term.

Presiding Bishop by seniority

# Presiding Bishop Image Took office Left office Diocese Length of term
1 White, WilliamWilliam White William White-Bishop Episcopal Church USA-1795 01789-07-28 Template:Dts/fmt 01789-10-03 Template:Dts/fmt Pennsylvania Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
2 Seabury, SamuelSamuel Seabury Samuel Seabury-Bishop Episcopal Church USA 01789-10-05 Template:Dts/fmt 01792-09-08 Template:Dts/fmt Connecticut Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
3 Provoost, SamuelSamuel Provoost Samuel Provoost-Bishop Episcopal Church USA 01792-09-13 Template:Dts/fmt 01795-09-08 Template:Dts/fmt New York Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
4 White, WilliamWilliam White William White-Bishop Episcopal Church USA-1795 01795-09-08 Template:Dts/fmt 01836-07-17 Template:Dts/fmt Pennsylvania Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
5 Griswold, Alexander VietsAlexander Viets Griswold AlexanderVietsGriswold 01836-07-17 Template:Dts/fmt 01843-02-15 Template:Dts/fmt Eastern Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
6 Chase, PhilanderPhilander Chase Chase Philander-Bishop Episcopal Church USA 01843-02-15 Template:Dts/fmt 01852-09-20 Template:Dts/fmt Illinois Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
7 Brownell, Thomas ChurchThomas Church Brownell Thomas Church Brownell (cropped) 01852-09-20 Template:Dts/fmt 01865-01-13 Template:Dts/fmt Connecticut Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
8 Hopkins, John HenryJohn Henry Hopkins JohnHenryHopkins 01865-01-13 Template:Dts/fmt 01868-01-09 Template:Dts/fmt Vermont Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
9 Smith, Benjamin BosworthBenjamin Bosworth Smith BBSmith (cropped) 01868-01-09 Template:Dts/fmt 01884-05-31 Template:Dts/fmt Kentucky Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
10 Lee, AlfredAlfred Lee BishopAlfredLee 01884-05-31 Template:Dts/fmt 01887-04-12 Template:Dts/fmt Delaware Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
11 Williams, JohnJohn Williams BishopJohnWilliams 01887-04-12 Template:Dts/fmt 01899-02-07 Template:Dts/fmt Connecticut Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
12 Clark, Thomas MarchThomas March Clark ThomasMarchClark 01899-02-07 Template:Dts/fmt 01903-09-07 Template:Dts/fmt Rhode Island Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
13 Tuttle, Daniel SylvesterDaniel Sylvester Tuttle D.S.Tuttle (cropped) 01903-09-07 Template:Dts/fmt 01923-04-17 Template:Dts/fmt Missouri Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
14 Garrett, Alexander CharlesAlexander Charles Garrett AlexanderCharlesGarrett2 01923-04-17 Template:Dts/fmt 01924-02-18 Template:Dts/fmt Dallas Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
15 Talbot, EthelbertEthelbert Talbot EthelbertTalbot2 01924-02-18 Template:Dts/fmt 01926-01-01 Template:Dts/fmt Central Pennsylvania Template:Nts year, Template:Nts days

Presiding Bishop by election

# Presiding Bishop Image Took office Left office Previous diocese Length of term
16 Murray, John GardnerJohn Gardner Murray JGMurray 01926-01-01 Template:Dts/fmt 01929-10-03 Template:Dts/fmt Maryland Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
17 Anderson, Charles PalmerstonCharles Palmerston Anderson CharlesPalmerstonAnderson 01929-11-13 Template:Dts/fmt 01930-01-30 Template:Dts/fmt Chicago Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
18 Perry, James DeWolfJames DeWolf Perry JDPerry 01930-03-26 Template:Dts/fmt 01937-12-31 Template:Dts/fmt Rhode Island Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
19 Tucker, Henry St. GeorgeHenry St. George Tucker HenryStGeorgeTucker 01938-01-01 Template:Dts/fmt 01946-12-31 Template:Dts/fmt Virginia Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
20 Sherrill, Henry KnoxHenry Knox Sherrill 01947-01-01 Template:Dts/fmt 01958-11-14 Template:Dts/fmt Massachusetts Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
21 Lichtenberger, Arthur C.Arthur C. Lichtenberger 01958-11-15 Template:Dts/fmt 01964-10-12 Template:Dts/fmt Missouri Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
22 Hines, John ElbridgeJohn Elbridge Hines 01965-01-01 Template:Dts/fmt 01974-05-31 Template:Dts/fmt Texas Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
23 Allin, John MauryJohn Maury Allin 01974-06-01 Template:Dts/fmt 01985-12-31 Template:Dts/fmt Mississippi Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
24 Browning, Edmond LeeEdmond Lee Browning 01986-01-01 Template:Dts/fmt 01997-12-31 Template:Dts/fmt Hawaii Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
25 Griswold, Frank TracyFrank Tracy Griswold 01998-01-01 Template:Dts/fmt 02006-11-01 Template:Dts/fmt Chicago Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days
24 Jefferts Schori, KatharineKatharine Jefferts Schori Katharine Jefferts Schori 02006-11-01 Template:Dts/fmt -- Nevada Template:Nts years, Template:Nts days

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