This page lists historic individuals who at some point in their lives, sometimes on their deathbeds, formally adopted the Catholic faith without having been born into it. Individuals who were baptized Catholics, but who as an adult practiced a non-Catholic faith (such as evangelical Protestant), then returned to the Catholic Church are technically "reverts" and are so noted where known.

List of people who converted to Catholicism





Converts who later left Catholicism

  • Mary Kathleen Valentine Ackland, English poet: converted and left twice, in between which she was a member of the Communist Party
  • Annie Dillard, renowned nature writer (Pilgrim at Tinker Creek) who converted during the early 1990s but left the Church during the 2000s.
  • Rod Dreher - Conservative "Crunchy Con" columnist who converted to Catholicism from Methodism and then later converted to Eastern Orthodoxy.
  • Ammon Hennacy: Christian anarchist and activist who was Roman Catholic from 1952 to 1965. His essay On Leaving the Catholic Church concerns his formal renunciation of the religion.[48]
  • David Kirk: Mississippi-born and reared (as a Baptist) civil rights activist who became a (Melkite) Catholic priest, but late in life converted to Eastern Orthodox Christianity
  • Halldór Laxness: Icelandic writer who converted to Catholicism in 1923[49], but later became disillusioned with it.[50]
  • Robert Lowell: American poet who converted to Catholicism in 1940 but left the Church after only a few years.
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Franco-Swiss philosopher, writer and political theorist who converted to Catholicism as a young man but later reverted to Calvinism in 1754.[51]


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