This is a "list of Mosques in the Arab League"

Name Images Country City Year G Remarks
Great Mosque of Algiers Template:ALG Algiers 1097 U
Ketchaoua Mosque
Mosquée Ketchaoua
Template:ALG Algiers 1612 U
El Jedid Mosque
Algiers mosque
Template:ALG Algiers 1880s U
Great Mosque of Tlemcen Template:ALG Tlemcen 1082 U
Al Fateh Mosque Template:Flag Juffair 1990s U
Khamis Mosque Template:Flag Khamis  ? U Believed to be the first mosque in Bahrain.
Mosque of Amr ibn al-As
Mosque Amr ibn Al-As Entrance
Template:Flag Cairo 642 A
Abu Haggag Mosque
Template:Flag Luxor 11th Century A
El-Tabia Mosque
Template:Flag Aswan A
Mosque of Mohamed Ali
Template:Flag Cairo Citadel 1848 T Most visible site in the city.
Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan
Hassan Mosque
Template:Flag Cairo 1356 T
Mosque of Al-Hakim Template:Flag Cairo 985 A
Al-Azhar Mosque
Al Azhar1
Template:Flag Cairo 969 A National mosque
Blue Mosque
Template:Flag Cairo 1347 A
Al Hussein Mosque
Imam hussain mosque cairo
Template:Flag Cairo 1154 T
Mosque of Ibn Tulun
Ibn-Tulun mosque in Cairo
Template:Flag Cairo 876-879 U
Abu Haggag Mosque
Template:Flag Luxor 11th Century A
El-Mursi Abul Abbas Mosque
Abu el-Abbas el-Mursi Mosque in Alexandria
Template:Flag Alexandria  ? U
Al Qa'ed Ibrahim Mosque
Al Qa'ed Ibrahim Mosque
Template:Flag Alexandria  ? U
Imam Husayn Mosque
Kerbela Hussein Moschee
Template:IRQ Karbala 680 U National mosque
Al Abbas Mosque
Template:IRQ Karbala 680 U National mosque
Imam Ali Mosque
Meshed ali usnavy (PD)
Template:IRQ Najaf  ? U Shrine of Ali
Al Kadhimiya Mosque
Al-Khadhumain shrine in baghdad
Template:IRQ Kadhimayn  ? U Shrine of Twelver Shi'ah 7th and 9th Imam.
Al-Askari Mosque
Al-Askari Mosque 2006
Template:IRQ Samarra  ? U Mosque with golden dome and shrine of Twelver Shi'ah 10th and 11th Imam.
Great Mosque of Samarra
The spiral minaret in Samarra
Template:IRQ Samarra 852 U
King Abdullah I Mosque
King Abdullah I Mosque
Template:JOR Amman 1989 U [1]
King Hussein Ben Talal Mosque Template:JOR Amman 2006 U Praying hall 5,500 worshipers, outdoor praying area 2,500 worshippers, inaugurated on April 11, 2006, Islamic architectural style prevalent in Bilad Sham, Umayyad-style ornamentation carved in Jordanian stone.[2]
Chinguetti Mosque
Chinguetti mosquee
Template:MRT Chinguetti  ? U
Grand Mosque Template:KWT Kuwait City 1979-1986 U
Sayyida Khawla Mosque Template:LIB Baalbek  ? U
Khatem Al-Anbiyaa Mosque
Khatem Al Anbiyaa Mosque Detail
Template:LIB Beirut  ? U
Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque Template:LIB Beirut 2005 U
Fakhredine Mosque
Fakhredine mosque - Deir al-Qamar - Lebanon
Template:LIB Deir el Qamar 1493 U
Great Mosque of Tripoli
Template:LIB Tripoli  ? U
Central Mosque of Nouakchott
Central mosque in Nouakchott
Template:MRT Nouakchott  ? U

Hassan II Mosque Template:MAR Casablanca 1993 U Masjid al Malik Hassan II
Koutoubia Mosque
MoroccoMarrakech KoutoubiaMosqueTop
Template:MAR Marrakech 1158 U
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Template:OMN Muscat 2001 A
Al-Aqsa Mosque
Template:PSE Jerusalem 705 U National mosque
Dome of the Rock
Domeoftherock 07172008
Template:PSE Jerusalem 691 U
Mosque of Omar
Umar Mosque,Jerusalem123
Template:PSE Jerusalem 1193 U
Sultan Ibrahim Ibn Adham Mosque Template:PSE Beit Hanina  ? U
Mosque of Omar
Template:PSE Bethlehem 1860 U The mosque was built on the spot where the Rashidun Caliph Umar prayed when he entered Bethlehem and is the oldest mosque in that city.
Sayed al-Hashim Mosque Template:PSE Gaza 1850 U The grandfather of Muhammad is said to be buried under the dome. Originally mosque built in the 12th century. Present day mosque built in 1850.
Great Mosque of Gaza Template:PSE Gaza 1344 U The Great Mosque is the largest and one of the oldest mosques in the Gaza Strip and throughout its history it was Philistine temple, a Byzantine church, an Arab mosque, a Crusader cathedral and was finally transformed back to a mosque by the Mamluks.
Ibrahimi Mosque Template:PSE Hebron  ? U
Al-Khadra Mosque Template:PSE Nablus 1288-90 U
King Saud Mosque Template:SAU Jeddah 1987 SA
Masjid al-Haram Template:SAU Mecca 638, 1571 U National mosque
Al-Masjid al-Nabawi Template:SAU Medina 1817 SA
Masjid al-Quba
Template:SAU Medina 1986 (rebuilt) SA
Arba Rucun mosque
Template:SOM Mogadishu  ? U
Islamic Solidarity Mosque Template:SOM Mogadishu  ? U
Hajja Soad mosque
Hajja Soad mosque
Template:SUD Khartoum  ? U
Great Mosque of Aleppo
Template:SYR Aleppo 715 U Shrine of Zechariah, father of John the Baptist
Sayyidah Zaynab Mosque
Sit Zaynab
Template:SYR Damascus 682 U Shrine of Zaynab bint Ali
Sayyidah Ruqayya Mosque
Damascus Template:SYR  ? U Shrine of Fatimah, the youngest daughter of Husayn ibn Ali
Tekkiye Mosque
Altakiyyah alsulaymaniyah
Template:SYR Damascus  ? U
Nabi Habeel Mosque
Template:SYR Damascus  ? U Tomb of Abel, son of Prophet Adam
Umayyad Mosque
Umayyad Mosque
Template:SYR Damascus 715 U National mosque
Sinan Pasha Mosque Template:SYR Damascus 1590 U
Aqsab Mosque Template:SYR Damascus 1234 U
Darwish Pasha Mosque Template:SYR Damascus 1574 U
Al-Fadael Mosque Template:SYR Homs 1062 U
Al-Nouri Mosque Template:SYR Homs 1129 U
Mosquée Ennasr
Mosquee ennasr
Tunisia Aryanah  ? U
Bassi Mosque
Bassi Mosque in Jerba
Template:TUN Djerba  ? U
Mosque of Uqba
MosqueeKairouan 4
Template:TUN Kairouan 670 U also known as the Great Mosque of Kairouan
Great Mosque of Mahdia
Mahdia mosquin
Template:TUN Mahdia  ? U
Great Mosque of Sousse
Sousse Grosse Moschee
Template:TUN Sousse  ? U
Great Mosque Halfaouine
Tunis mosquee halfaouine 1890
Template:TUN Tunis  ? U
Sheikh Zayed Mosque Template:Flag Abu Dhabi City 2000 A National mosque
Grand Mosque of Dubai Template:Flag Dubai City 1998 A
Mudhaffar Mosque Template:YEM TAIZ A
Al Khair Mosque, Sana'a Template:YEM Sana'a A
Saleh Mosque Template:YEM Sana'a 2008 A
SA Islamist (Salafism/Wahhabism)
TJ Tablighi Jamaat
A Arab group
T Turkish group
U Unknown group (or undetermineted)

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