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This is a list of mosques in Iran.

Name Images City Year G Remarks
Jamé Mosque of Isfahan
Jamé Mosque Esfahan courtyard
Isfahan  ? U
Shah Mosque
Naghshe Jahan Square Isfahan modified
Isfahan  ? U
Jamkaran Mosque
Jamkaran (Qum) 984 U A mosque built in the name of the 12th Twelver Shī‘ah Imām, Muhammad al-Mahdi
Agha Bozorg Mosque
Madreseh kashan bassin
Kashan 1700s U
Goharshad Mosque
Mashhad 1418 U An ancient mosque found within Imam Ridha Mosque complex
Imam Ridha Mosque Mashhad  ? U Entombs the remains of the Twelver Shī‘ah Imām, ‘Alī al-Ridhā
Jame' Atiq Mosque of Qazvin
Jame qazvin4
Qazvin 807 U The oldest part of the mosque is said to have been constructed by the orders of Harun al-Rashid. Later additions were made, the last being during the late Safavid era. The double layered main dome of the mosque is from the Seljuk era, and is locked to the public.
Al-Nabi Mosque Qazvin 1787 U
Ma'soomah Qom Shrine
Sortie haram edit
Qom  ? U Shrine of Fatimah al-Ma'soomah, sister of 8th Twelver Shī‘ah Imām
Shāh Abdol Azīm Rayy  ? U A mosque which entombs the remains of 3 individuals: a descendant of Hasan ibn ‘Alī, ‘Alī ibn Husayn, and Mūsā al-Kādhim.
Imāmzādeh Sālih Shemiran  ? U A mosque which entombs the remains of Sālih, son of the Twelver Shī‘ah Imām, Mūsā al-Kādhim.
Shāh Chérāgh Shiraz  ? U A mosque containing the remains of two sons of the Twelver Shī‘ah Imām, Mūsā al-Kādhim.
Blue Mosque Tabriz 1465 U
Musala of Tehran Tehran 1983 U
Jame mosque of Yazd
Yazd 12th century U
SA Saudi Arabia (Wahhabism)
A Arab group
U Unknown group (or undetermineted)


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