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This is a list of mosques in Africa.
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Name Images Country City Year G Remarks
Great Mosque of Algiers Algeria Algiers 1097 U
Ketchaoua Mosque
Mosquée Ketchaoua
Algeria Algiers 1612 U
El Jedid Mosque
Algiers mosque
Algeria Algiers 1880s U
Great Mosque of Tlemcen Algeria Tlemcen 1082 U
Mosque of Mohamed Ali
Egypt Cairo Citadel 1848 U Most visible site in the city.
Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan
Hassan Mosque
Egypt Cairo 1356 U
Al-Azhar Mosque
Al Azhar1
Egypt Cairo 969 U National mosque
Blue Mosque
Egypt Cairo 1347 U
Al Hussein Mosque
Imam hussain mosque cairo
Egypt Cairo 1154 U
Mosque of Ibn Tulun
Ibn-Tulun mosque in Cairo
Egypt Cairo 876-879 U
El-Mursi Abul Abbas Mosque
Abu el-Abbas el-Mursi Mosque in Alexandria
Egypt Alexandria  ? U
Al Qa'ed Ibrahim Mosque
Al Qa&#039;ed Ibrahim Mosque
Egypt Alexandria  ? U
Faji Kunda mosque
Faji Kunda mosque
Gambia Faji Kunda  ? U
Great Mosque of Djenné
Great Mosque of Djenné 3
Mali Djenné 1300 U The first mosque on the site was built in the 13th century, but the current structure dates from 1907.
Djinguereber Mosque
Djingareiber cour
Mali Timbuktu 1327 U
Sidi Yahya Mosque Mali Timbuktu 1440 U
Chinguetti Mosque
Chinguetti mosquee
Mauretania Chinguetti  ? U
Central Mosque of Nouakchott
Central mosque in Nouakchott
Mauretania Nouakchott  ? U
Jumma Mosque Mauritius Mauritius Port Louis  ? U
Dar-us-Salam Mauritius Vacoas-Phoenix  ? AMJ 20°20′54.25″S 57°33′7.75″E / 20.3484028°S 57.5521528°E / -20.3484028; 57.5521528; Photo
Hassan II Mosque Morocco Casablanca 1993 U Masjid al Malik Hassan II
Koutoubia Mosque
MoroccoMarrakech KoutoubiaMosqueTop
Morocco Marrakech 1158 U
Agadez Mosque
1997 277-9A Agadez mosque
Niger Agadez  ? U
Niamey Mosque
Niamey Mosque
Niger Niamey  ? U
Yamma Mosque Niger Tahoua 1962 U
Abuja National Mosque
Nigeria Abuja 1984 U National mosque
Great Mosque of Kano Nigeria Kano  ? U
Dakar Mosque
Senegal Dakar  ? U Seydou Nourou Tall mosque
Dakar Grand Mosque
Senegal Dakar  ? U
Great Mosque of Ouakam
Senegal Grande Mosquee de Ouakam 800x600
Senegal Ouakam  ? U
Central Mosque of Saintlouis
Saintlouis mosquée
Senegal Saint-Louis  ? U
Great Mosque of Saintlouis
Saintlouis mosquée2
Senegal Saint-Louis  ? U
Central Mosque of Touba
Senegal Touba  ? Sufi Muslim brotherhoods of Senegal
Arba Rucun mosque
Somalia Mogadishu  ? U
Islamic Solidarity Mosque Somalia Mogadishu  ? U
Ladysmith-Sufi Mosque
South Africa-Ladysmith-Sufi Mosque-01
South Africa Ladysmith (KwaZulu-Natal)  ? Sufi
Hajja Soad mosque
Hajja Soad mosque
Sudan Khartoum  ? U
Great Mosque of Kilwa Tanzania Kilwa ~1000 U
Kizimkazi Mosque Tanzania Dimbani 1107 U
Moshi mosque
Moshi mosque
Tanzania Moshi  ? U
Mosquée Ennasr
Mosquee ennasr
Tunisia Aryanah  ? U
Bassi Mosque
Bassi Mosque in Jerba
Tunisia Djerba  ? U
Mosque of Uqba
MosqueeKairouan 4
Tunisia Kairouan 670 U also known as the Great Mosque of Kairouan
Great Mosque of Mahdia
Mahdia mosquin
Tunisia Mahdia  ? U
Great Mosque of Sousse
Sousse Grosse Moschee
Tunisia Sousse  ? U
Great Mosque Halfaouine
Tunis mosquee halfaouine 1890
Tunisia Tunis  ? U
Kampala Mosque Uganda Kampala 2006 U opened in June 2007[1]; Photo 0°19′18.1″N 32°34′20.4″E / 0.321694°N 32.572333°E / 0.321694; 32.572333
AMJ Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat
Sufi Sufism
U Unknown group (or undetermineted)

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