• Zahhak (Persian) - Dragon
  • Žaltys (Baltic) - Serpentine fertility spirit
  • Zamzummim (Jewish) - Giant
  • Zână (Romanian - Nature spirit
  • Zashiki-warashi (Japanese) - House spirit
  • Zburator (Romanian) - Wolf-headed dragon
  • Zduhać (Slavic mythology) - Disembodied, heroic spirit
  • Zennyo Ryūō (Japanese) - Rain-making dragon
  • Zhar-Ptitsa (Slavic) - Glowing bird
  • Zhulong (Chinese) - Pig-headed dragon
  • Zhū Què (Chinese) - Fire elemental bird
  • Žiburinis (Lithuanian) - Forest spirit in the form of a glowing skeleton
  • Zilant (Tatar) - Flying reptile with chicken legs
  • Zin (West Africa) - Water spirits
  • Ziz (Jewish) - Giant bird
  • Zlatorog (Slovenia) - White deer with golden horns
  • Zmeu (Romanian) - Giant with a habit of kidnapping young girls
  • Zmiy - Slavic dragon
  • Zombie (Vodou) - Re-animated corpse
  • Zorigami (Japanese) - Animated clock
  • Zuijin (Japanese) - Tutelary spirit
  • Zunbera-bō (Japanese) - Faceless ghost
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