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  • Yacumama (South America) - Sea monster
  • Yadōkai (Japanese) - Malevolent, nocturnal spirit
  • Yagyō-san (Japanese) - Demon who rides through the night on a headless horse
  • Yaksha (Buddhist, Hindu, and Jainism) - Male nature spirit
  • Yakshi (Keralite) - Vampire
  • Yakshini (Buddhist, Hindu, and Jainism) - Female nature spirit
  • Yakubyō-gami (Japanese) - Disease and misfortune spirit
  • Yale (Medieval Bestiaries) - Antelope- or goat-like animal with swiveling horns
  • Yali (Hindu) - Lion-like beast
  • Yallery-Brown (English) - Nature spirit
  • Yama-biko (Japanese) - Echo spirit
  • Yama-bito (Japanese) - Savage, mountain-dwelling humanoid
  • Yama-chichi (Japanese) - Monkey-like mountain spirit
  • Yama-inu (Japanese) - Dog-like mountain spirit
  • Yama-otoko (Japanese) - Mountain giant
  • Yamata no Orochi (Japanese) - Gigantic, eight-headed serpent
  • Yama-uba (Japanese) - Malevolent, mountain-dwelling hag
  • Yama-waro (Japanese) - Hairy, one-eyed spirit
  • Yanari (Japanese) - Spirit which causes strange noises
  • Yaoguai (Japanese) - Animalistic demon
  • Yara-ma-yha-who (Australian Aboriginal) - Diminutive, sucker-fingered vampire
  • Yatagarasu (Japanese) - Three-legged crow of Amaterasu
  • Yato-no-kami (Japanese) - Serpent spirits
  • Yeth hound (English) - Headless dog
  • Yilbegän (Turkic) - Either a dragon or a giant
  • Yobuko (Japanese) - Mountain dwelling spirit
  • Yōkai (Japanese) - Supernatural Monster
  • Yomotsu-shikome (Japanese) - Underworld hag
  • Yong - Korean dragon
  • Yōsei (Japanese) - Fairy
  • Yosuzume (Japanese) - Mysterious bird that sings at night, sometimes indicating that the okuri-inu is near
  • You Hun Ye Gui (Chinese) - Wandering ghost
  • Yowie (Australian Aboriginal) - Nocturnal human-ape hybrid, also Yahoo
  • Ypotryll (Heraldic) - Boar-camel-ox-serpent hybrid
  • Yuan Gui (Chinese) - Distressed ghost
  • Yukinko (Japanese) - Childlike snow spirit
  • Yuki-onna (Japanese) - Snow spirit
  • Yūrei (Japanese) - Ghost
  • Yuxa (Tatar) - 100-year-old snake that transforms into a beautiful human
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