• Waldgeist (German) - Forest spirit
  • Wana-games-ak (Abenaki) - Water spirits
  • Wani (Japanese)- A crocodilian water monster
  • Wanyūdō (Japanese) - Demon in the form of a burning ox cart with a human head
  • Warak ngendog (Indonesian) - Egg-laying bird
  • Warg (English and Scandinavian O.N. vargr) - Giant, demonic wolf
  • Wassan-mon-ganeehla-ak (Abenaki) - Aurora spirits
  • Water monkey (Chinese) - Water spirit
  • Water sprite (Alchemy) - Water elemental
  • Wati-kutjara (Australia Aboriginal) - Iguana spirit
  • Wa-won-dee-a-megw (Abenaki) - Shapeshifting snail spirit
  • Weisse Frauen (German) - Female spirit
  • Wekufe (Mapuche) - Demon
  • Wendigo (Algonquian) - Anthropophagous spirit
  • Wentshukumishiteu (Inuit) - Water spirit
  • Werecat (Worldwide) - Feline-human shapeshifter
  • Werehyena (Africa) - Hyena-human shapeshifter
  • Werewolf (Worldwide) - Wolf-human shapeshifter
  • White Lady (Worldwide) - Ghost of a murdered or mistreated woman
  • Wild man (European) – Hairy, bipedal man-like creature
  • Will-o'-the-Wisp (Worldwide) - Spectral fire
  • Wirry-cow (Scottish) - Malevolent spirit
  • Witte Wieven (Dutch) - Female, ancestral spirit
  • Witch (Global) - A magical human female
  • Wizard (Global) - A magical human male
  • Wolpertinger (German) - a forest animal comprised from various animal parts (similar to a Chimera)
  • Wondjina (Australia Aboriginal) - Weather spirit
  • Wraith (Scottish) - Water spirit or ghostly apparition
  • Wulver (Scottish) - Wolf-headed human
  • Wu Tou Gui (Chinese) - Beheaded ghost
  • Wyrm - English dragon
  • Wyvern (Germanic Heraldic) - Flying reptile, usually with two legs and two wings
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