• Vadātājs (Latvian) - Spirit that misleads people
  • Vættir (Norse) - Nature spirit
  • Valkyrie (Norse) - Female spirit that leads souls of dead warriors to Valhalla
  • Vâlvă (Romanian) - Female nature spirit
  • Valravn (Danish) - Supernatural raven
  • Vampire (Slavic) - Reanimated corpse that subsists on blood
  • Vanara (Hindu) - Human-ape hybrid
  • Vântoase (Romanian) - Female weather spirit
  • Varaha (Hindu mythology) - third Avatar of Vishnu in the form of a boar
  • Vârcolac (Romanian) - Vampire or werewolf
  • Vardøger (Scandinavian) - Ghostly double
  • Vedrfolnir (Norse) - a hawk sitting between the eyes of an eagle in the crown of Yggdrasil, the World Tree
  • Veļi (Latvian) - Ghost, shade, formed after a death of a human
  • Věri Şělen - Chuvash dragon
  • Vetala (Hindu) - Corpses possessed by vampiric spirits
  • Víbria (Catalan) - Dragon with breasts and an eagle's beak
  • Vielfras (German) - Gluttonous dog-cat-fox hybrid
  • Vila (Slavic) - Weather spirit
  • Vilkacis (Latvian) - Animalistic, werewolf-like monster
  • Viruñas (Colombian) - Handsome demon
  • Vision Serpent (Mayan) - Mystical dragon
  • Víðópnir, (Norse) - Rooster that sits atop the tree
  • Vodyanoy (Slavic) - Male water spirit
  • Vrykolakas (Greek) - Undead wolf-human hybrid
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