• Rå (Norse) - Spirit that protects a specific place
  • Rabisu (Akkadian) - Vampiric spirit that ambushes people
  • Ragana (Lithuanian) - Malevolent wizard
  • Raijū (Japanese) - Lightning spirit
  • Rain Bird (Native American) - Rain spirit
  • Rainbow crow (Lenape) - Crow spirit
  • Rainbow Fish (Hindu) - Whale-sized, multi-colored fish
  • Rainbow Serpent (Australian Aboriginal) - Dragon
  • Rakshasa (Buddhist and Hindu) - Shapeshifting demons
  • Ramidreju (Cantabrian) - Extremely long, weasel-like animal
  • Raróg (Slavic) - Whirlwind spirit
  • Raven Mocker (Cherokee) - Life-draining spirit
  • Raven Spirit (Native American, Norse, and Siberian) - Trickster spirit
  • Ratatoskr (Norse) - Squirrel spirit
  • Redcap (English) - Malevolent, grotesque humanoid
  • Re’em (Jewish) - Gigantic land animal
  • Reichsadler (Heraldic) - Eagle, sometimes depicted with two heads
  • Rephaite (Jewish) - Giant
  • Reptilian humanoid (Global) - Human-lizard hybrid
  • Revenant (Medieval folklore) - Reanimated dead
  • Roc (Arabian and Persian) - Gigantic bird
  • Rokurokubi (Japanese) - Long-necked, humanoid tricksters
  • Rompo (Africa and India) - Skeletal creature with elements of a rabbit, badger, and bear
  • Rồng - (Vietnamese) Dragon
  • Rougarou (French America) - Human-wolf shapeshifter
  • Rusalka (Slavic) - Female water spirit
  • Ryū - Japanese dragon
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