• Obake (Japanese) - Shapeshifting spirits
  • Obambo (Central African) - Homeless ghost
  • Obariyon (Japanese) - Spook which rides piggyback on a human victim and becomes unbearably heavy
  • Obayifo (Ashanti) - Vampiric possession spirit
  • Obia (West Africa) - Gigantic animal that serves witches
  • Oceanid (Greek) - Nymph daughters of Oceanus
  • Odei (Basque) - Storm spirit
  • Odmience (Slavic) - Changeling
  • Og (Jewish) - Giant king of the Amorites
  • Ogre (Medieval folklore) - Large, grotesque humanoid
  • Oiwa (Japanese) - Ghost of a woman with a distorted face who was murdered by her husband
  • Ojáncanu (Cantabrian) - Giant cyclops who embodies evil.
  • Okiku (Japanese) - Plate-counting ghost of a servant girl
  • Ōkubi (Japanese) - Death spirit
  • Okuri-inu (Japanese) - Dog or wolf that follows travelers at night. Similar to the Black dog of English folklore
  • Ole-Higue (Guyanese) - Vampiric hag who takes the form of a fireball at night
  • Ōmukade (Japanese) - Giant, human-eating centipede that lives in the mountains
  • Oni (Japanese) - Large, grotesque humanoid
  • Onibi (Japanese) - Spectral fire
  • Onmoraki (Japanese) - Bird-demon created from the spirits of freshly dead corpses
  • Onocentaur (Medieval Bestiaries) - Human-donkey hybrid
  • Onoskelis (Greek) - Shapeshifting demon
  • Onryō (Japanese) - Vengeful ghost that manifests in physical (rather than spectral) form
  • Onza (Aztec and Latin American folklore) - Wild cat, possibly a subspecies of cougar
  • Ophiotaurus (Greek) - Bull-serpent hybrid
  • Opinicus (Heraldic) - Lion-eagle hybrid, similar to a griffin, but with leonine forelimbs
  • Orang Bunian (Malay) - Forest spirit
  • Orang Minyak (Malay) - Spectral rapist
  • Ördög (Hungarian) - Shapeshifting demon
  • Oread (Greek) - Mountain nymph
  • Ork (Tyrolean) - Little people and house spirits
  • Orobas (European) - Horse-headed, honest oracle classed as a demon
  • Orphan Bird (Medieval Bestiaries) - Peacock-eagle-swan-crane hybrid
  • Orthrus (Greek) - Two-headed dog
  • Otso (Finnish) - Bear spirit
  • Ouroboros (Worldwide) - Mystic serpent/dragon that eats its own tail
  • Ovinnik (Slavic) - Malevolent threshing house spirit
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