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  • Habrok (Norse) - the "best" hawk
  • Hadhayosh (Persian) - Gigantic land animal
  • Haetae (Korean) - Dog-lion hybrid
  • Hag (Many cultures worldwide) - Wizened old woman, usually a malevolent spirit with this specific form, or a goddess in disguise
  • Haietlik (Nuu-chah-nulth) - Water serpent
  • Hai-uri (Khoikhoi) - Male, anthropophagous, partially invisible monster
  • Hakutaku (Japanese) - Talking beast which handed down knowledge on harmful spirits
  • Hākuturi (Māori) - Nature guardian
  • Half-elf (Norse) - Hybrid of a human and an elf
  • Haltija (Finnish) - Spirit that protects a specific place
  • Hamadryad (Greek) - Oak tree nymph
  • Hamingja (Scandinavian) - Personal protection spirit
  • Hamsa (Buddhist, Hindu, and Jainism) - Mystical bird
  • Hanau epe (Rapa Nui) - Long-eared humanoid
  • Hantu Air (Malay) - Shapeshifting water spirit
  • Hantu Demon (Philippine) - Demon
  • Hantu Raya (Malay) - Demonic servant
  • Harionago (Japanese) - Humanoid female with barbed, prehensile hair
  • Harpy (Greek) - Death spirit with the form of a bird with a human head
  • Haugbui (Norse) - Undead who cannot leave its burial mound
  • Havsrå (Norse) - Saltwater spirit
  • Headless Mule (Brazilian) - Fire-spewing, headless, spectral mule
  • Hecatonchires (Greek) - Primordial giants with 100 hands and fifty heads
  • Heikegani (Japanese) - Crabs with human-faced shells, the spirits of the warriors killed in the Battle of Dan-no-ura
  • Heinzelmännchen (German) - Household spirit
  • Helead (Greek) - Fen nymph
  • Hellhound (Many cultures worldwide) - Dog from underworld
  • Hercinia (Medieval Bestiaries) - Glowing bird
  • Herensuge (Basque) - Dragon
  • Hesperides (Greek) - Nymph daughters of Atlas
  • Hiderigami (Japanese) - Drought spirit
  • Hieracosphinx (Ancient Egypt) - Falcon-headed sphinx
  • Hihi (Japanese) - Baboon monster
  • Hiisi (Finnish) - Nature guardian
  • Hippocamp (Etruscan, Greek, and Phoenician) - Horse-fish hybrid
  • Hippogriff (Medieval Bestiaries) - Hybrid of a griffin and horse, that is a lion-eagle-horse hybrid
  • Hippopodes (Medieval Bestiary) - Horse-hoofed humanoid
  • Hircocervus (Medieval Bestiary) - Deer-goat hybrid
  • Hitodama (Japanese) - Ghosts of the newly dead, which take the form of fireballs
  • Hitotsume-kozō (Japanese) - One-eyed child-like spirit
  • Hob (English) - House spirit
  • Hobbididance (English) - Malevolent spirit
  • Hobgoblin (Medieval folklore) - Friendly or amusing goblin
  • Hodag (Native American) - part frog, part mammoth, part lizard,
  • Hokhokw (Kwakiutl) - a bird
  • Hōkō (Japanese) - Dog-like tree spirit from China
  • Homa (Persian) - Eagle-lion hybrid, similar to a griffin
  • Hombre Caiman (Colombian) - Human-alligator hybrid
  • Hombre Gato (Latin America) - Human-cat hybrid
  • Homunculus (Alchemy) - Diminutive, animated construct
  • Hō-ō (Japanese) - Rooster-swallow-fowl-snake-goose-tortoise-stag-fish hybrid
  • Hoopoe - A near passerine bird common to Africa and Eurasia that features in many mythologies in those continents
  • Horned Serpent (Native American) - Serpentine rain spirit
  • Hotoke (Japanese) - Deceased person
  • Houri (Islamic) - Heavenly beings
  • Hraesvelg (Norse) - a giant, who in eagle form, creates the wind by beating his wings
  • Hrímþursar (Norse) - Frost Giant
  • Huaychivo (Mayan) - Human-deer hybrid
  • Hugin and Munin (Norse) - Thought and Memory; a pair of ravens associated with the Norse god Odin
  • Huldra (Scandinavian) - Forest spirit
  • Huli jing (Chinese) - Nine-tailed fox spirit
  • Huma (Persian) - Regenerative fire bird
  • Humbaba (Akkadian) - Lion-faced giant
  • Hundun (Chinese) - Chaos spirit
  • Hupia (Taíno) - Nocturnal ghost
  • Hyakume (Japanese) - Creature with a hundred eyes
  • Hydra (Greek) - Multi-headed water serpent/dragon
  • Hydros (Medieval Bestiary) - Snake whose poison causes the victim to swell up
  • Hydrus (Medieval Bestiary) - Snake from the Nile River that would kill crocodiles from the inside
  • Hyōsube (Japanese) - Hair-covered kappa
  • Hypnalis (Medieval Bestiary) - Snake that kills its victims in their sleep
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