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  • Gaasyendietha (Seneca) - Dragon
  • Gagana (Russian) - Bird with iron beak and copper talons
  • Gaki (Japanese) - Ghosts of especially greedy people
  • Gallu (Mesopotamian) - Underworld demons
  • Galtzagorriak (Basque) - Diminutive, demonic servants
  • Gamayun (Russian) - Prophetic bird with human head
  • Gana (Hindu) - Attendants of Shiva
  • Gancanagh (Irish) - Male fairy that seduces human women
  • Gandaberunda (Hindu) - Double-headed bird
  • Gandharva (Hindu) - Male nature spirits, often depicted as part human, part animal
  • Gargouille (French) - Water dragon
  • Garmr (Norse) - Giant, ravenous hound
  • Garuda (Hindu) - Human-eagle hybrid
  • Gashadokuro (Japanese) - Giant, malevolent skeletons
  • Gaueko (Basque) - Wolf capable of walking upright
  • Ged (Heraldic) - The fish pike
  • Gegenees (Greek) - Six-armed giant
  • Genie (Arabian) - Elemental spirit
  • Genius loci (Roman) - Spirit that protects a specific place
  • German (Slavic) - Male spirit associated with bringing rain and hail
  • Geryon (Greek) - Giant with three heads, six arms, three torsos and (in some sources) six legs
  • Ghillie Dhu (Scottish) - Tree guardian
  • Ghost - Disembodied spirits, specifically of those that have died
  • Ghoul (Arabian) - Earth genie. Also a shapeshifting desert anthropophagus
  • Giant
  • Giant animal
  • Gichi-anami'e-bizhiw (Ojibwa) - Bison-snake-bird-cougar hybrid and water spirit
  • Gidim (Sumerian) - Ghost
  • Gigantes (Greek) - Race of giants that fought the Olympian gods, sometimes depicted with snake-legs
  • Gigelorum (Scottish) - Smallest animal
  • Girtablilu (Akkadian) - Human-scorpion hybrid
  • Gjenganger (Scandinavian) - Corporeal ghost
  • Glaistig (Scottish) - Human-goat hybrid
  • Glashtyn (Manx) - Malevolent water horse
  • Gnome (Alchemy) - Diminutive Earth elemental
  • Goblin (Medieval folklore) - Grotesque, mischievous little people
  • Gog (English) - Giant protector of London
  • Gold-digging ant (Medieval Bestiaries) - Dog-sized ant that digs for gold in sandy areas
  • Golem (Jewish) - Animated construct
  • Gorgades (Medieval Bestiary) - Hairy humanoid
  • Gorgon (Greek) - Fanged, snake-haired humanoids that turn anyone who sees them into stone
  • Goryō (Japanese) - Vengeful ghosts, usually of martyrs
  • Gremlin (Modern folklore) - Goblins that sabotage airplanes
  • Griffin (Heraldic) - Lion-eagle hybrid
  • Grigori (Christian) - Fallen angels
  • Grim (English and Scandinavian) - Tutelary spirits of churches
  • Grindylow (English) - Malevolent water spirit
  • Grine (Moroccan) - Genie duplicate of a person. Lives in a parallel world
  • Gualichu (Mapuche) - Malevolent spirit
  • Gud-elim (Akkadian) - Human-bull hybrid
  • Guhin (Japanese) - Anthropomorphic bird
  • Gui Po (Chinese) - Ghost that manifests as an old woman
  • Gui Shu (Chinese) - Ghostly tree that confuses travelers by moving
  • Gulon (Germanic) - Gluttonous dog-cat-fox hybrid
  • Gumiho (Korean mythology)- A demon fox with thousands of tails. Believed to possess an army of spirits and magic in its tails.
  • Gwyllgi (Welsh) - black dog
  • Gwyllion (Welsh) - Malevolent spirit
  • Gyascutus (American folklore) - Four-legged herbivore
  • Gytrash (Lincolnshire and Yorkshire) - black dog
  • Gyūki (Japanese) - Bull-headed monster
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