• Each Uisge (Scottish) – Malevolent water horse
  • Eachy (English and Scottish) – Humanoid lake monster
  • Eagle Spirit (Many cultures worldwide) – Leadership or guidance totem
  • Ebu Gogo (Flores) – Diminutive humanoids, possibly inspired by Homo floresiensis
  • Echeneis (Medieval Bestiaries) – Remora, said to attach to ships to slow them down
  • Edimmu (Sumerian) – Ghosts of those not buried properly
  • Egbere (Yoruba) – Humanoid that carries a magical mat
  • Einherjar (Norse) – Spirits of brave warriors
  • Ekek (Philippine) – Flesh-eating, winged humanoids
  • Elbow Witch (Ojibwa) – Hags with awls in their elbows
  • Eldjötnar (Norse) – Fire giant
  • Eleionomae (Greek) – Marsh nymph
  • Elemental (Alchemy) – Personification of one of the Classical elements
  • ‘Elepaio (Hawaiian) – Monarch flycatcher spirit that guides canoe-builders to the proper trees
  • Elf (Germanic) – Nature and fertility spirit
  • Eloko (Central Africa) – Little people and malevolent nature spirits
  • Emela-ntouka (Central Africa) – Gigantic, elephant-killing beast
  • Emere (Yoruba) – Child that can move back and forth between the material world and the afterlife at will
  • Emim (Jewish) – Giant
  • Empusa (Greek) – Female demon that waylays travelers and seduces and kills men
  • Encantado (Brazilian) – Dolphin-human shapeshifter
  • Enchanted Moor (Portuguese) – Enchanted princesses
  • Enfield (Heraldic) – Fox-greyhound-lion-wolf-eagle hybrid
  • Enkō (Japanese) – Kappa of Shikoku and western Honshū
  • Epimeliad (Greek) – Apple tree nymph
  • Er Gui (Chinese) – Hungry ghost
  • Erinyes (Greek) – possibly winged spirits of vengeance or justice. Also known as Furies.
  • Erlking (Germanic) – Death spirit
  • Erymanthian Boar (Greek) – Giant boar
  • Ethiopian Pegasus (Medieval Bestiaries) – Two-horned, winged horse
  • Ettin (English) – Three-headed giant
  • Eurynomos (Greek) – Blue-black, carrion-eater in the underworld
  • Ewah (Cherokee) - Human-cougar hybrid
  • Ežerinis (Lithuanian) – Lake spirit
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