• Dactyl (Greek) - Little people and smith and healing spirits
  • Daemon (Greek) - Incorporeal spirit
  • Daidarabotchi (Japanese) - Giant responsible for creating many geographical features in Japan
  • Daitengu (Japanese) - The most powerful class of tengu, each of whom lives on a separate mountain
  • Daitya (Hindu) - Giant
  • Danava (Hindu) - Water demon
  • Daphnaie (Greek) - Laurel tree nymph
  • Datsue-ba (Japanese) - Old woman who steals clothes from the souls of the dead
  • Dead Sea Apes (Islamic) - Human tribe turned into apes for ignoring Moses' message
  • Deer Woman (Native American) - Human-deer hybrid
  • Deity (Global) - Preternatural or supernatural being
  • Demigod (Global) - Half human, half god.
  • Demon (Global) - Malevolent spirit
  • Dhampir (Balkans) - Hybrid between a human and a vampire
  • Diao Si Gui (Chinese) - Hanged ghost
  • Dilong (Chinese) - Earth dragon
  • Dip (Catalan) - Demonic and vampiric dog
  • Di Penates (Roman) - House spirit
  • Dipsa (Medieval Bestiaries) - Extremely poisonous snake
  • Dirawong (Australian Aboriginal) - Goanna spirit
  • Di sma undar jori (Gotland) - Little people and nature spirits
  • Diwata (Philippine) - Tree spirit
  • Dobhar-chu (Irish) - Dog-fish hybrid
  • Do-gakw-ho-wad (Abenaki) - Little people
  • Dokkaebi (Korean) - Grotesque, horned humanoids
  • Dökkálfar (Norse) - Male ancestral spirits
  • Dola (Slavic) - Tutelary and fate spirit
  • Domovoi (Slavic) - House spirit
  • Doppelgänger (German) - Ghostly double
  • Drac (Catalan) - Lion or bull-faced dragon
  • Drac (French) - Winged sea serpent
  • Drakaina (Greek) - Dragons depicted with female characteristics
  • Dragon (Many cultures worldwide)
  • Dragon turtle (Chinese) - Giant turtle with dragon-like head
  • Draugr (Norse) - Undead
  • Drekavac (Slavic) - Restless ghost of an unbaptised child
  • Drop Bear (Australian) Large carnivorous koala that hunts by dropping on its prey from trees
  • Drow (Scottish) - Cavern spirit
  • Drude (German) - Possessing demon
  • Druk (Bhutanese) - Dragon
  • Dryad (Greek) - Tree nymph
  • Duende (Spanish) - Little people and forest spirits
  • Duergar (English) - Malevolent little people
  • Dullahan (Irish) - Headless death spirit
  • Duwende (Philippine) - Little people, some are house spirits, others nature spirits
  • Dvergr (Norse) - Subterranean little people smiths
  • Dvorovoi (Slavic) - Courtyard spirit
  • Dwarf (Germanic) - Little people nature spirits
  • Dybbuk (Jewish) - A spirit (sometimes the soul of a wicked deceased) that possesses the living.
  • Dzee-dzee-bon-da (Abenaki) - Hideous monster
  • Dzunukwa (Kwakwaka'wakw) - Child-eating hag
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