This is a list of notable persons who were formally either atheists or agnostics, but then developed belief in a deity or deities. In some countries the percentage of those professing "no belief" is growing[1]. In one study of the United States 0.3% of Americans were listed as people who were former atheists. The same study indicated that 1.4% of Americans from non-atheist homes became atheists, and that in total 1.6% of Americans described themselves as atheists, 2.4% as agnostics and 12.1% as "nothing in particular".[2]

Converts and reverts to Christianity

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Converts and reverts to Hinduism

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Converts and reverts to Islam

  • A. R. Rahman (Initially raised Hindu, but was atheist as a teenager until conversion to Islam) - Indian music composer[66]
  • Charles le Gai Eaton - British diplomat and writer.[67]
  • Silma Ihram - An Australian educator, author, and racial tolerance campaigner. After an agnostic upbringing she became "born again Christian" and then Muslim.[68]
  • Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) - British musician and singer (had a nominally Christian upbringing, but never was a believer)[69]
  • Martin Lings - a widely acclaimed British scholar. He was raised as a Protestant, became an atheist, and later converted to Islam.[70]
  • Ilich Ramírez Sánchez "Carlos the Jackal" - Marxist terrorist who converted to Islam.[71]

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Converts and reverts to Judaism

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Other ex-atheists


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