This page lists individuals in history who were at least nominally raised in the Roman Catholic faith and later rejected it or converted to other faiths. One study estimates that 10.1% of people in the United States describe themselves as former Catholics in some sense. Although a small majority converted to another religion a substantial minority of them are counted as currently unaffiliated.[1] According to Catholic canon law, only a formal act of defection renders a person an "ex-Catholic". Many individuals on this list, and in that study, are therefore still Catholics in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

Note: The title is a shorthand, the list actually refers to those who leave the Roman Catholic Church or any Eastern Catholic Church in communion with it. Individuals like Eddie Doherty who were allowed to transfer from the Latin Catholic Church to an Eastern Catholic Church are therefore not counted as "ex-Roman Catholics" for the purpose of this list, while Eastern Catholics who convert to a religion not in communion with Rome do.

Individuals who converted to other denominations and faiths

Eastern Orthodoxy

Anglicanism and churches in full communion

Independent Catholic Churches





Seventh-day Adventism

Other Protestant/Christian

Atheism, agnosticism, or non-religious

This section contains people who rejected Catholicism in favor of a non-religious philosophy. In accordance with canon law, the Roman Catholic Church considers them "lapsed Catholics" rather than "ex-Catholics."


Christian Science








This section lists ex-Catholics who do not fit any of the above categories. In accordance with canon law, the Roman Catholic Church considers certain of these people (those who have not converted to another religion) to be "lapsed Catholics" rather than "ex-Catholics." Many of these people either have converted to new religious movements.

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