This is a list of films about the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. Muhammad is the messenger of the monotheistic Abrahamic faith, Islam. Like Jesus, Moses and others before him he is regarded as an integral part of the history of Islam by Muslims worldwide. Numerous films and documentaries have been made about Muhammad. Films produced in the Middle East are not listed here as there are very few depictions of Muhammad in the Arab states owing to certain customs, although he is depicted in art and other forms of media. In recent years portrayals of Muhammad have been controversial, and this was due primarily because of the Danish cartoons. Two new modernised films are currently being produced, considered the "second of their kind" (referring to western films respecting the portrayal of Muhammad).[1] According to some sources it will be an adaptation of the original 1976 film The Message in which Anthony Quinn starred as Muhammad's uncle Hamza ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib.[1][2][3][4] The producer of the "The Matrix" and Lord of the Rings film trilogy Barrie M. Osborne is attached to produce a new movie about the Prophet Muhammad. The film is financed by a Qatari media company and will be supervised by Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.[1]
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Date Production Company Title Country of Origin References
01977-09-03 Template:Dts/fmt PBS The Message
Template:Flag Template:Flag [5][6]
02004-11-14 Template:Dts/fmt Fine Media Group Muhammad: The Last Prophet Template:Flag [5][11]
02002-12-17 Template:Dts/fmt PBS Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet Template:Flag [16][17]
Unknown History Channel Muhammad: Biography Template:Flag [23][24]
02000 Template:Dts/fmt
02005-03-05 Template:Dts/fmt
PBS Islam: Empire of Faith Template:Flag [25]
02002-03-12 Template:Dts/fmt Mpi Home Video Story of Islam Template:Flag [29]
02006-09-25 Template:Dts/fmt Quantum Leaps; EDS Understanding Islam Template:Flag [30]
02005 Template:Dts/fmt BBC (BBC 4) An Islamic History of Europe Template:Flag [31][32]
02004-05-02 Template:Dts/fmt BBC A Muslim In The Family Template:Flag [34][35]
Unknown BBC The Smell of Paradise Template:Flag [38]
Unknown Unknown Why Did We Choose Islam - The Enlightenment Template:Flag
02004-10-21 Template:Dts/fmt National Geographic Inside Mecca Template:Flag [39]
Unknown BBC Me and the Mosque Template:Flag
March 2, 2006 Towers Productions Secrets of the Koran - Decoding the Past Template:Flag [40]
Unknown Unknown Muhammad: A Mercy to Mankind Template:Flag [41]


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