An exorcist is a priest or member of the laity who performs the rite of exorcism.

List of Catholic exorcists

In the Roman Catholic Church, any Priest ordained prior to (or outside of) the changes made by the Second Vatican Council would have received the minor order of "Exorcist." In the Old Catholic Church and Independent Catholic jurisdictions, qualifications for the title of "Exorcist" vary. Those who have been publicly recognized for their exorcisms include:

  • Father Gabriele Amorth (1925-Present)
  • Ernst Alt|Father Ernst Alt
  • Father Candido Amantini (1914-1992)
  • Father Raymond J. Bishop (1906-1978)
  • Corrado Balducci (1923-2008)
  • Father William S. Bowdern (1897-1983)
  • Father Jeremy Davies (1935 to Present)
  • Father Joseph de Tonquedec (1868-1962)
  • Father Pellegrino Ernetti (1925- 1994)
  • Father Angelo Fantoni (1903-1992)
  • Pope John Paul II (1920-2005)[1][2]
  • Father Jose Antonio Fortea (1968-Present)
  • Father Giancarlo Gramolazzo ( -Present) Current International Association of Exorcists President.
  • Father Walter Halloran (1921–2005)
  • Father Peter Heier
  • Father Edward Hughes (1918-1980)
  • Father Celestine Kapsner (1896-1977)
  • Father Lawrence Kenny (1896-1977)
  • Father Jack Ashcraft (1967-Present)
  • Father Alfred Kunz (1931-1998)
  • Neal Lozano (1949-Present] Lay Catholic Deliverance Minister
  • Father James J. LeBar (1936-2008)
  • Father Matteo La Grua (1914-Present)
  • Father Malachi Martin (1921–1999)
  • Emmanuel Milingo (1930-Present) No longer a Catholic priest - excommunicated in 2006
  • Cardinal John O'Connor (1920–2000)
  • Father Rufus Pereira
  • Padre Pio (1887–1968)
  • Father Theophilus Riesinger (1868-1941)
  • Father Rosario Stroscio (1918-Present)
  • Father Andrew J. Hamilton (1989-Present)

List of Orthodox exorcists

  • Avvákum Petróv (1620 or 1621-1682)
  • Father Sebastiaan Elzinga (1977 - Present)

List of Protestant (exorcists) deliverance ministers

  • Dr. Brian Connor
  • Dr. Charles H. Kraft (1932-Present)
  • Bob Larson (1944-Present)
  • Richard Rossi (1963-Present)


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