This article contains a list of Encyclicals of Pope Pius X. Pope Pius X issued 17 Papal Encyclicals during his reign as Pope:

No. Title (Latin) Title (English translation) Subject Date
1. E Supremi On the Restoration of All things in Christ 4 October 1903
2. Ad Diem Illum Laetissimum On the Immaculate Conception 2 February 1904
3. Iucunda Sane On Pope Gregory the Great 12 March 1904
4. Acerbo Nimis On Teaching Christian Doctrine 15 April 1905
5. Il Fermo Proposito On Catholic Action in Italy 11 June 1905
6. Vehementer Nos On the French Law of Separation 11 February 1906
7. Tribus Circiter On the Miravites: Mystic Priests of Poland 5 April 1906
8. Pieni L'animo On the Clergy in Italy 28 July 1906
9. Gravissimo Officii Munere On French Associations of Worship 10 August 1906
10. Une Fois Encore On the Separation of Church and State 6 January 1907
11. Pascendi Dominici Gregis On the Doctrine of the Modernists 8 September 1907
12. Communium Rerum On St. Anselm of Aosta 21 April 1909
13. Editae Saepe On St. Charles Borromeo 26 May 1910
14. Notre Charge Apostolique “Our Apostolic Mandate” On socialist doctrines of the Sillon movement 15 August 1910
15. Iamdudum On the Law of Separation in Portugal 24 May 1911
16. Lacrimabili Statu On the Indians of South America 7 June 1912
17. Singulari Quadam On Labour Organisations 24 September 1912 -
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