This article contains a list of Encyclicals of Pope Paul VI. Pope Paul VI issued 8 Papal Encyclicals during his reign as Pope:

No. Title (Latin) Title (English translation) Subject Date
1. Ecclesiam Suam "Paths of the Church" Start of his Papacy 6 August 1964
2. Mense Maio "In the Month of May" 30 April 1965
3. Mysterium Fidei "Mystery of Faith" On the Doctrine and Worship of the Eucharist 3 September 1965
4. Christi Matri "Mother of Christ" On Mary, Mother of Jesus 15 September 1966
5. Populorum Progressio "On the Progression of Peoples" 26 March 1967
6. Signum Magnum "The Great Sign" On Devotion to the Most Blessed Mary 13 May 1967
7. Sacerdotalis Caelibatus "On Priestly Celibacy " 24 June 1967
8. Humanae Vitae "On the Regulation of Human Births " 25 July 1968
hu:VI. Pál pápa enciklikáisk:Zoznam encyklík Pavla VI.

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