This article contains a list of Encyclicals of Pope Gregory XVI. Pope Gregory XVI issued nine papal encyclicals during his reign as pope:

No. Title (Latin) Title (English translation) Subject Date
1. Summo Iugiter Studio On Mixed Marriages 27 May 1832
2. Cum Primum On Civil Obedience 9 June 1832
3. Mirari Vos On Liberalism and Religious Indifferentism 15 August 1832
4. Quo Graviora On the Pragmatic Constitution 4 October 1833
5. Singulari Nos On The Errors Of Lammenais 25 June 1834
6. Commissum divinitus On Church and State 17 May 1835
7. Probe Nostis On the Propagation of the Faith 18 September 1840
8. Inter Praecipuas On Biblical Societies 8 May 1844
9. Quas Vestro On Mixed Marriages 30 April 1841

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