This article contains a list of Encyclicals of Pope Benedict XV. Pope Benedict XV issued 12 Papal Encyclicals during his reign as Pope:

No. Title (Latin) Title (English translation) Subject Date
1. Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum To the Chair of the Prince of the Apostles Appealing For Peace 1 November 1914
2. Humani Generis Redemptionem Redemption of the Human Race On Preaching the Word of God 15 June 1917
3. Quod Iam Diu On the Future Peace Conference 1 December 1918
4. In Hac Tanta On St. Boniface 14 May 1919
5. Paterno Iam Diu On the Children of Central Europe 24 November 1919
6. Pacem, Dei Munus Pulcherrimum Peace, the Beautiful Gift of God On Peace and Christian Reconciliation 23 May 1920
7. Spiritus Paraclitus The Spirit, the Paraclete On St. Jerome 15 September 1920
8. Principi Apostolorum Petro To Peter, Prince of the Apostles On St. Ephram the Syrian 5 October 1920
9. Annus Iam Plenus On Children in Central Europe 1 December 1920
10. Sacra Propediem On the Third Order of St. Francis 6 January 1921
11. In Praeclara Summorum On Dante 30 April 1921
12. Fausto Appetente Die On St. Dominic 29 June 1921
hu:XV. Benedek pápa enciklikái

id:Daftar ensiklik Paus Benediktus XV

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